Urgent warning about blockbuster diabetes drug

Last night I spoke at the 2016 Integrative Healthcare Symposium here in New York. This symposium is a big deal for doctors: It’s the only event where multi-disciplinary practitioners come together as a cohesive community. And where we can all connect and gather insights and techniques we can immediately incorporate into our practices.

The session I gave was about diabetes and metabolic syndrome — and natural ways to reverse them. The crowd was even bigger than I would have imagined. Every seat was filled and there were people standing in the back and sitting in the aisles.

Of course, considering the news that came out last week about the mainstream’s latest diabetes “miracle” drug, perhaps it’s not such a surprise that so many practitioners are looking for safe, effective alternatives…

In case you didn’t hear about it, a new study published in this month’s issue of the journal Cell Metabolism turned up some disturbing findings about the diabetes drug liraglutide (you might know it better by its brand name, Victoza).

Researchers found that liraglutide caused pancreatic beta cells in mice to burn out after about six months of use. Pancreatic beta cells are the ones responsible for producing and secreting insulin.

So, in other words, liraglutide — a diabetes drug — completely destroys your body’s natural ability to regulate blood sugar.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Granted, this is just one study — and an animal trial, at that. But it’s certainly cause for concern. Especially considering Victoza is one of Big Pharma’s biggest blockbuster diabetes drugs, and thousands of people are currently taking it on a daily basis

This is exactly why I developed my Metabolic Repair Protocol — to “re-program” my patients’ bodies to work the way they’re supposed to naturally. Without the so-called “help” of dangerous drugs that, at best, mask the problem and, at worst, damage your body beyond repair.

And last night, when I told the packed room of practitioners that I’ve reversed hundreds of cases of metabolic syndrome and diabetes using this safe, natural, scientifically proven technique, there were more than a few surprised murmers from the crowd. The same thing happens every time I tell a new patient that a handful of simple steps can completely cure their diabetes — and the reaction from this room of practitioners was no different.

But as effective as my method is, I can only treat a handful of patients a day. And for me, it’s just not enough. That’s one of the reasons I speak at conferences like the Integrative Healthcare Symposium — so that I can teach other practitioners how to use these safe, natural approaches to reverse their patients’ diabetes…and stop cases of metabolic syndrome in their tracks before they ever develop into full-blown diabetes.

But the full scope of this program is far more than I can fit into any 60-minute lecture. Plus, it’s still a limited audience…and I can never be sure exactly how — or if — other practitioners will really implement the steps I outline.

Which is why I’m so thrilled to have found a way to make my comprehensive, step-by-step Metabolic Repair Protocol available to everyone. It’s an interactive online format that allows me to share with you the comprehensive, tested protocol I use with my own patients.

In it, I can personally show you step-by-step how to support, repair and enhance every aspect of your metabolic system.

I also review the causes of metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, diabetes, and obesity (many of which will likely surprise you).

And I will give you the very same plan I lay out for patients sitting right across the desk from me in my office.

These are the patients who come in frustrated, beaten down, even angry over their situation…

They’re scared for their health. They know heart failure, stroke, and neuropathy could be imminent. But all they have to protect themselves are a diagnosis and a handful of prescriptions that don’t seem to be working.

But I put them on my Metabolic Repair Protocol. And within weeks, they’re able to reverse their fate.

And I promise you, if you follow the steps as I lay them out for you in the protocol, your chances of reversing your diabetes — and avoiding potentially dangerous diabetes drugs like liraglutide –will be greater than ever too.

The terrifying fact is that the diabetes epidemic isn’t going away…and the so-called “solutions” Big Pharma is offering up are, in many instances, actually making things WORSE. So I urge you to check out my Metabolic Repair Protocol, and learn how to take control of your own blood sugar — safely and naturally. Your healthy future depends on it.