Walkin’ after midlife

I get that not everyone can afford–or is even physically able–to spend hours working out at the gym. That’s one of the reasons why I’m always urging you to take a daily walk.

It might be hard to believe that a simple stroll around the block could make a big difference to your health. But that’s why I want to share the results of a recent study with you.

Researchers surveyed nearly 400 Canadian men over the age of 55. Almost 70 percent were overweight–and 19 percent were clinically obese. The men were given pedometers to gauge walking activity for three days.

Results showed that the older men who averaged the most steps per day also reported better quality of life–where both physical and mental health were concerned–than the men who walked less. And they didn’t have to hike for miles to feel the benefits, either. This positive association was noted even with more modest step counts.

The moral of the story? Walking is free. It’s accessible. And every little step counts.

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