Was Popeye the Sailorman onto something?

Perhaps you remember this famous line coming from your television as a young child:

“I’m strong to the finich, cause I eats me spinach, I’m Popeye the Sailorman!”

Well, it seems like this timeless character was onto something.

Because his fixation on the muscle strengthening component of spinach seems to be true. At least, according to recent research.

Let me explain…

Sailorman’s STRENGTH

In a new study, participants aged 50 and over were given 500 mg of a natural spinach extract, Spinacia oleracea L., four times per day for 12 weeks.

They were also instructed to complete one hour of moderate-intensity exercise three times per week.

Ultimately, muscle quality and strength enhanced among men and women, compared to the control group. More specifically, upper body strength increased in women and muscle growth was observed in men.

Researchers also linked the combination of spinach extract plus exercise to improved physical and emotional health—suggesting a full-body, adaptogenic response.

(Remember, adaptogens help your body respond to stressors like fatigue and anxiety, while boosting your overall well-being.)

Seems Popeye knew what was best after all!

Nutrition and resistance training

It’s important to note these results were found in adults aged 50 and older because that’s when sarcopenia (a condition marked by losses in muscle mass and function) starts to really take hold.

(It’s very likely a natural spinach extract can help younger adults maintain muscle as well; this research just focused on older adults.)

Of course, part of the reason we lose muscle mass as we age is due to natural degradation, which may lessen our flexibility and mobility. But that’s also why I focus so heavily on proper diet and exercise.

In short, we tend to eat less as we get older. So, we must ensure those meals are full of the nutrients we NEED, like protein and amino acids (the building blocks of muscles).

A simple rule of thumb is to eat twice your weight in kilograms, or one gram per pound, of protein every day.

But everyone’s amino acids needs are different. I suggest ordering yourself a copy of my A-List Dietbook for more personalized guidance!

In addition, adding smart exercises, like resistance training, will help improve muscle strength. It can also promote endurance and support bone health to keep you on your feet.

Try lifting weights with a partner or using resistance bands at home. Isometric exercises, like planking, can also help you build strength.

Last but not least, I’m happy to think spinach extract can help as well. You can certainly add it to your daily routine for extra muscle support. And you can even enjoy some spinach as a key part of your healthy diet, as Popeye always did.

Until next time,
Dr. Fred

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