“Weighing” in on a cultural phenomenon (Ozempic)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drug take over the world—or at least the U.S.—as quickly as Ozempic. (Or “vitamin O,” as I like to call it.)

It’s truly a cultural phenomenon…

Perhaps even bigger than Taylor Swift! (Though, your grandchildren might think otherwise.)

Now, before I dive into today’s discussion on Ozempic, keep in mind I’m also referring to Wegovy, Mounjaro, and Zepbound—all the darlings of the weight loss industry.

Why? Because they actually WORK.

So, allow me to weigh in on this phenomenon…

“Houston, we have a problem”

Corporate America is scared right now.

In fact, they’re losing their minds.

Because these weight-loss drugs have taken off like rockets—leaving any corporation who doesn’t have a piece of the pie completely scrambling. (Especially employers who have to pay for these drugs.)

But the thing that hits home to me the most is not only the speed at which these drugs have taken off… but the realization that that speed comes with a real problem.

See, most Americans are overweight or obese. And despite wanting to be thinner and healthier… with all of the obstacles they face, many folks give up on their weight-loss journey.

I mean, how many times does one have to bang their head against the brick wall— composed of ultra-processed foods, stress, lack of access or time for healthier habits (like exercise or organic foods), and more—before they call it quits?

That’s where Ozempic, and the like, can help. These drugs are giving people HOPE in an otherwise dark time in history. And yet, the naysayers are out in full force.

Let’s look at just one example—because it underscores something I’ve had to battle my entire career…

Redefining a “normal” diet

I was recently reading a very influential, top newspaper. It seems that an editor or reporter, who was overweight, gave one of these drugs a try.

And guess what?


But do you know what the article focused on? “What happens when I want to start eating normally again?”

ARGH! That thought simply blows my mind.

First of all, if your “normal” way of eating was healthy, you wouldn’t need a weight-loss drug to begin with!

But second, what does “normal” even mean? Processed foods? Triple-sized sodas?

The true disparity lies in that statement—because the definition of what constitutes a “normal” diet has gotten completely lost in this country.

Normal to me equates to lean protein, organic produce, nuts, seeds, legumes, some seasonal, low-sugar fruit, and more. Things like pizza, cake, and dairy are a rare treat—not an everyday, “normal” indulgence.

Bottom line? It’s time to change how we define normal when it comes to food. Because if we continue to think what we see in food courts across America—and even in your grandchildren’s school cafeteria—is normal, we are doomed. Full stop.

The only good news we have right now are weight-loss drugs (that actually work) for those who can’t win the battle by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

And you know what? That’s okay. Why not give yourself the kickstart you need?

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