Weight Watchers promoting certain McDonald’s food items

Deal with the devil

Clearly Weight Watchers has jumped the shark. And not just for using washed-up celebrities and sports “heroes” to hawk their program. No, apparently they’ve made a deal with the devil…I mean McDonald’s.

As part of the deal, McDonald’s chains in New Zealand and Australia will use the Weight Watchers logo on its menu boards and Weight Watchers will promote certain McDonald’s food items to dieters in those countries.

Are you kidding me? What’s next? NutriSystem éclairs at Dunkin Donuts? Jenny Craig crack? Anyway, I digress…

Weight Watchers has stated that each meal is worth 6.5 points on the program. I guess it doesn’t matter to them what the nutritional value of the food is. But it matters to me–and it should matter to you. So let me fill you in…

So far, the Fillet-O-Fish, with 380 calories; Chicken McNuggets, with 485 calories; and Sweet Chili Seared Chicken Wrap, with 404 calories, have all gotten the Weight Watchers seal of approval.

But with an average of 400 calories, any one of these menu items makes up almost a third of the number of calories the average woman should consume in an entire day, even if she’s not on a diet. Throw in a soda or some French fries (and, let’s be honest, how many people really order anything at McDonald’s without a side of fries?) and you’re eating over half your recommended daily calories in one sitting.

Way to go Weight Watchers!

If it were up to me, “points” would be assigned on the basis of how good the food is for you. Because without that aspect factored in, you’re just trading one problem (those extra pounds) for many, many more.

Sure, you can go on any diet you want and lose weight–I’ve done it (my favorite was the French fry and chocolate pudding diet I went on in college…and, yes, I lost weight on it). But you have to ask yourself if it’s really healthy?

Luckily for you, you’ve got the New Hamptons Health Miracle to keep you going–no points, no calories to count…just delicious food with high nutritional content.

After all, that’s the ONLY way to lose weight in a truly healthy way.