When it comes to detox, the proof is in the pudding

Q: How can I be sure a detox protocol works? Are there any tests I should take before and after to measure for toxins?

Dr. Fred: This would all depend on what exactly you are trying to detoxify from. If it’s just the daily hazards of life in general, you’re talking about a lot of potential environmental toxins—so tracking a single factor isn’t always the best gauge of success.

That’s why I usually tell my patients to simply measure how they feel before and after their detox. Do you have more energy? Can you sleep better? Is your digestion better? Did you lose weight?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then there’s little question that your protocol worked.

That said, if it’s a specific type of toxin you’re aiming to tackle—like heavy metals, for example—there are great urine tests on the market that can help you monitor your progress. But, again, the specific test depends upon the goals of your detox.

And in these cases, it’s probably best to work with a certified doctor who has experience administering chelation therapy or other specific detoxification protocols, anyway.

He or she can offer you appropriate screening tools and accurate diagnosis, with a clear focus on cleaning up your body and getting your health back on track.

If you aren’t already working with one, the American College for Advancement in Medicine is a great resource to find holistic practitioners in your area. Simply plug your address into their search engine at www.acam.org to find a list of providers in your area.

You can also refer back to the article I wrote in the September 2013 issue* for a more complete discussion about effective detox.