Yes Virginia, There is a National Cupcake Day

As I sit down to write this holiday inspirational, I can’t get the thoughts of the creepiest, most eerie season finale of Dexter out of my mind.  It was Dex-tacular.  And the reason it was so good, and probably the reason I watch television is because TV works on so many different levels – emotional, visceral, even sexual.  And so does food.

There is always a subtext whether we realize it or not.  Food is not about nourishment, especially this time of the year.  It’s entertainment, socialization, and most of all – traditional childhood memories.  And it’s the emotional attachment to food that usually does us in.

Deb, Dexter’s sister (well they are not related but it’s creepy just the same) has fallen in love with her brother.  Her emotions for him have kept her from realizing he is a serial killer – until the season finale when she catches him in the act – fade to black.  She’s a police lieutenant so it’s kind of her job to put men like him behind bars so we won’t know until next season which will be her priority – her emotions for him or the right thing.

A conundrum we face while eating all the time.  Do we emotionally eat the food our parents/grandparents etc. have always made for us and that led us to being unhealthy and/or overweight? Or do we choose the right thing by sticking to our program or perhaps just veering a bit?

I have been at numerous holiday parties and have managed to have a great time and not go near the buffet table. Let me give you this scenario of Saturday night. You won’t get all the details but a group of my friends decided to meet for an early dinner because we knew we had a bunch of parties to attend and didn’t know what there was going to be to eat so we thought we would be prepared.

This group of friends is great for this sort of thing because they are all ex-models and take really good care of themselves. In fact, we each got to the restaurant right after having gone to the gym. We started talking about National Cupcake Day which occurred last Wednesday – Yes, Virginia……

Being equally appalled, we decided that we should launch “National If You are Overweight, You Should Fast Day”.  Whoa, Whoa Whoa Stop the Clock! Before you start thinking we are cruel, think about it.  Fasting is an acceptable tool – it is the ultimate cleanse – so many people love to cleanse and detox – and despite all the detox and cleansing products that are on the market, you really only need to not eat for 24 to 48 hours and drink water for a good detox. You should try it – I do it once per month and feel fantastic. (But that’s another story)

I think it would be a great wake-up call – not only for those struggling with weight issues but for those who aren’t and never had. Food would lose its grip on the overweight and the non-overweight would see how difficult it is and perhaps be more willing to help; more willing to coax the person with the problem rather than shunning them or treating them badly on the subway.

Food is an addiction – probably the most insidious because it is one that we condone. If people believed that it was an addiction and not just sloth or laziness; then perhaps we would try to help those; have foods at our parties for those trying to lose or trying to maintain (just as we would have non-alcoholic beverages).  It’s not a strange concept if you look at it from an addiction point of view.

Instead, what do we do? We offer people more and more food; get upset if they won’t try your favorite recipe; feel insulted if they won’t take seconds or finish everything on their plate. Some even get angry if you offer to bring something  so you can stay on your plan.

When I get in this mood, I now have a new character to relate to – Carrie on Homeland.  If you haven’t watched, stop reading this now and go directly to Netflix, hulu or Showtime on demand and be prepared for the ride of your life. That season finale was on last night also. Carrie works (worked) for the CIA and has reason to believe there is an American turned Al Qaeda operative.

She is right and can’t convince the government who turns around and fires her for trying to do the right thing.  That’s me.  I speak out and speak out about what is right; what we should be doing. I get mocked, ridiculed by my medical peers and our government condones free French fry Fridays and in fact allows the American Heart Association to put its heart check stamp of approval on a potato – something that can quite easily kill you if you ate enough of them.

I sometimes think our government is like NeNe from The RHOA.  The bigger her earrings get, the crazier she becomes.   Those giant snowflakes she had on the other day took away all of my holiday cheer – there was none to go around; and it wasn’t even Christmas when they shot that episode.  As Americans get fatter, our government sticks its head into the ground even further – just like NeNe

Did you catch the Glee Christmas episode? I am a total gleek but with lines like, “I don’t understand why the Dairy Queen makes you put glitter all over your face.”  It’s genius writing.  Same with Dexter: “What did a stalker do before the internet?”  Call me crazy for watching so much TV, but there is some great writing – don’t be so snobby.

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So, just like Carrie, I am not going to give up and I need all of you to help me. We can win the “battle of the bulge.” Even if it means one person at a time.  Have a wonderful holiday season – regardless of which one you celebrate.  Spend time with friends, family or no one at all; but eat responsibly.

Until next year…