Your secret weapon for fast, permanent weight loss

Yesterday, I shared the details of a new study that shined a pretty shocking light on the dangers of yo-yo dieting. And if nothing else, I hope this harsh reality drives home just how important it is to not only take extra weight off, but keep it off for good.

But here’s the thing: Nobody goes on a diet planning to gain back all of the weight that they lose. And yet, more often than not, that’s exactly what happens.

Why? Because most diets don’t consider this one vitally important fact…

All protein is NOT created equal.

It’s simple, yet often misunderstood. So let me be clear: The reason other popular diets and gimmicks fail is that they aren’t based on a thorough, science-backed understanding of protein. They don’t account for the micronutrient breakdown of what we eat, which is really the key to long-term success.

In a minute, I’ll pinpoint where the others have failed and how you can use that knowledge to finally find success in meeting your personal health goals. But first, here are a few protein basics…

Proteins are made up of amino acids — these are the building blocks of life. In fact, a majority of our cells, muscles, and tissues are made up of them. And having the right amino acid balance is vital.

So when you eat protein, your body breaks it down into different amino acids. And there are three superstars in particular — which I refer to as the “A-List” of all the aminos — that can actually ignite your metabolism and easily melt away that stubborn fat.

The “A-List” amino acids

There are 22 amino acids found in the foods we eat. So your body is constantly absorbing, changing, and recycling the amino acids you feed it.

Only three out of the 22 are known as branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, and can be found in a wide variety of protein sources. They include:

Leucine (found in: beans, beef, chicken, pork, seafood, and fish)
Isoleucine (found in: chicken, fish, lamb, pheasant, turkey, and eggs)
Valine (found in: seeds, almonds, beans, beef, chicken, lamb, pork)

These three A-List aminos will be your key to effortless weight loss and help you shed pounds like you’ve never done before.

That’s because they’ve been scientifically shown to supercharge your metabolism, zap away fat, and help your body build lean muscle. The research on BCAAs is so compelling, I’ve actually started referring to them as “the missing link” between health and weight loss.

But, it’s nearly impossible to get the right balance of these amino acids through your diet alone. After all, how are you to know exactly what’s in your food down to the cellular level?

That’s why I developed the A-List Amino Booster.

This powdered drink mix is your ultimate “shortcut” to help you manage your weight and jump-start your dieting journey. Instead of tracking down an array of different BCAA powders, you can get the essential “A-List” amino acids all in one place.

The A-List Amino Booster is formulated to help you:

  • Curb hunger and crush cravings
  • Turbo-charge your metabolism
  • Fuel your fat-burning engine

And all you have to do is mix it with cold water for a light, refreshing drink that stands alone. Or use it as the main ingredient in your personalized A-List Diet shake.

(You’ll find the shake recipe designed for your individual dieter type in Chapter 2 of The A-List Diet book, which you can find on Amazon or

Quite frankly, the science behind protein-boosting and BCAAs absolutely transformed my practice. And after seeing how much success my patients have found with it, I know it can change your life, too.

Give my A-List Amino Booster a try — because, really, what have you got to lose (except for extra weight)?!