Cancer-Free for Life

“Cancer Cure in aisle 7…?”

FACT–Every shopper in America has the power to CRUSH cancer cells with 6 incredible checkout items…

Now—one of America’s most renowned cancer experts is releasing his sought-after…

Grocery list for a cancer-free life

Your family has a frightening history of cancer…

You’re worried bad habits in your youth might come back to haunt you…

Or maybe your doctor has already given you a terrifying diagnosis.

Very few people realize—your best hope at stopping cancer might not come from the pharmacy or even the cancer ward…

But instead—some of the most powerful cancer revelations of the last 50 years are available and waiting for you—in your local grocery store.

Aisle 1 of many grocery stores contains a POWERFULLY potent food shown to lower the risk of breast cancer death by 62%!

Aisle 2 holds a “breakthrough beverage” that could sabotage deadly pancreatic cancer at every step—cancer growth, invasion, and even metastasis!

Aisle 5 often features a brilliantly smart spice that can tell the difference between normal cells and cancer cells. Even better—it knows how to terminate those cancer cells on the spot.

These breakthroughs (and many others) aren’t locked in a lab or guarded by a pharmacist. In fact—you’re about to see how…

Pushing cancer OUT of your life is as simple as


Hello, my name is Karen Reddel.

Experts now believe more than half of all human cancers are preventable.

That means nearly 300,000 lives could be saved each year—before cancer ever even starts. And how is it going to happen?

NOT with poisonous pills, surgeries, or irreversible radiation. The REAL players in this push for prevention are secret cancer weapons hidden within the human diet.

Even the American Cancer Society can see the tide is shifting and is now saying, “one-third of all cancer deaths are related to diet and physical activity.”

But physicians are greatly underestimating the REAL POWER behind 6 astonishing checkout items.

What you’re about to discover can…

Transform your body into an environment where
 cancer won’t have a fighting chance

In the right forms, these discoveries have been demonstrated to—

Hunt down and corner cancer cells…

• Infiltrate, terminate and obliterate cancer cells where they stand and…

• Stop the spread of cancers and tumors within your body

And THE PROOF is bowling over scientists around the globe.

Researchers from the University of Missouri have witnessed one breakthrough checkout item awaken not one, but TWO natural cancer-targeting weapons within the body.

Rutgers State University scientists marveled as a simple pie ingredient thwarted colon cancer tumors in animals.

And scientists from all over the world are raving about a breakfast beverage that can fight against the risk of skin cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, oral cancer and more!

And let me repeat…

These breakthroughs aren’t locked behind the closed doors of a top secret research facility—they’re in your grocery store right now!

One M.D. is taking this research, pushing aside the mainstream methods and using these new breakthroughs on his own patients.

And his success is breathtaking.

Allow me to introduce you to the man who changed my perception of what modern medicine could be—by revealing the cures hiding in plain sight.

His name is Dr. Fred Pescatore. Aside from being a New York Times best-selling author and medical expert to television programs such as The View, The Today Show, ABC News, and Rachael Ray

Dr. Pescatore has helped shape the face of natural medicine by becoming the president of The International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists.  

But most importantly—he is changing the lives of his patients from his exclusive and progressive New York City private practice.

From United Nations’ peace keepers, to international dignitaries, celebrities, and Fortune-500 V.P.’s—Dr. Pescatore’s reputation as a revolutionary expert in natural healing, including cancer, has assembled a very exclusive patient list.

But he wants to make his secrets known to anyone who needs them. Take grandmother of four, Ivy Posner. She’s been using his secrets for over 15 years. In fact, she calls him…

The man who saved my life!”

Ivy was given just six months to live with an upward battle against breast cancer.

Mrs. Posner’s doctors recommended chemotherapy and they suggested radiation…but she wanted none of it. She told them, “I’m going to see my doc in New York City.”

She knew there had to be a better way—and she was right.

20 years later—Ivy has been given the opportunity to spend time with her now four grandchildren.

To this day—she tears up when talking about the help she received from Dr. Pescatore and…

Finally—YOU have access!

Dr. Pescatore is revealing his…

“Grocery List for a CANCER-FREE LIFE!”

If you’re scared of developing this deadly disease—and especially if you are in any stage of battling cancer right now—you must know…

Powerful cancer fighters are out in the wide open!

This world-renowned physician has been helping patients, friends and family beat cancer one check-out item at a time.

Now Dr. Pescatore is releasing ALL of his cancer-fighting secrets, tips and breakthroughs in one place.

It’s a collection patients have been clamoring for—and it’s finally here in the 5-chapter “must have& must share” report…

Cancer-FREE for Life

It’s all of Dr. Pescatore’s greatest cancer findings—finally in one place.

Starting with…

Checkout item #1 to a CANCER-FREE life—

These “Garden of Eden” vegetables

crush cancer at its very origins

When you think of the Garden of Eden, apples usually come to mind. But no garden would be complete without wild vegetables.

Now advanced science is showing us some of the oldest vegetables known to man could hold the key to crushing cancer.

And these ancient wonders are readily available in the very first aisle of most grocery stores.

Once you know it, it’s a secret you can’t afford to skip.

They can be sautéed, steamed or stewed and they’re delicious every which way.

But what’s amazing scientists worldwide is just how effectively this kind of vegetable affects cancer.

This one class of vegetables possesses an abundance of compounds called glucosinolates.

These powerful compounds are opening up exciting new doors in cancer research even as you read this…

• One of these compounds blocks the initiation and spread of tumors helping to lower your overall cancer risk

• Another has been shown to stop the proliferation of prostate cancer cells. And…

• They can even help alter estrogen and support the immune system—a vital part of beating cancer before it starts!

And the “Garden of Eden” vegetable is no stranger to the laboratory. It’s been the subject of some of the most sophisticated natural cancer experiments ever performed.

Breast cancer risk—cut by 1/3!”

In a study of 4,886 women, doctors tracked patients’ health and diets for three years. The women who ate the most of these “Garden of Eden” vegetables had a 35% lower breast cancer risk. Not only that, they had a 62% lower risk of dying from breast cancer and a 62% lower risk of dying from any cancer!

Bladder cancer risk—CUT IN HALF!”

Prospective studies using tens of thousands of participants made a staggering connection. Eating the “Garden of Eden” vegetables raw resulted in a 50% less risk for bladder cancer. And get this—just one or more servings of a particular “Garden of Eden” vegetable reduced the risk of pancreatic cancer by 38%! Three servings per week decreased prostate cancer risk by 41%.

But wait—you don’t DO vegetables? NOT A PROBLEM!

Dr. Pescatore not only has the easiest—most effective way to eat the “Garden of Eden” vegetable, but can show you how to get this power without eating a single forkful.

This special vegetable is delicious—but there are simple supplements that can deliver all of its protection.

The “Garden of Eden” vegetable is one of the most potent natural substances.

But what about a cancer protector so delicious, even kids would love it?

The “Sweet Treat” Staple knocking out cancer cells

like a muscle-bound heavyweight

It’s hard to believe something that’s often used as pie filling could push around cancer like a heavyweight prize fighter.

But hidden in Aisle two of your grocer, you’ll find a simple fruit that can tantalize your taste buds and stupefy scientists all at the same time.

This sweet-treat staple brings with it a very special antioxidant known as pterostilbene (tero-STILL-bean).

Yes—like other antioxidants, it fights free radical damage, lowers inflammation throughout your entire body and helps to regulate blood sugar.

But this mighty compound goes the extra mile to…

Put a virtual ROADBLOCK in cancer’s path

Imagine—a cancer-fighting force locked inside one of the sweetest, most delicious fruits known to man!

This is one cancer breakthrough you won’t be able to get enough of—and that’s okay! Eat as much as you want!

Take a look…

The journal, Anticancer Research reported that the juice alone from this pie-filling powerhouse was enough to slow prostate cancer cells

In a 2007 animal study, researchers were amazed by how the compound found in this sweet-treat secret was able to crush colon cancer in rats. In fact, another study found it was particularly potent at preventing inflammatory bowel disease from turning into colon cancer.

And it even helped boost the power of modern day cancer treatments. Breast cancer patients given this one compound along with chemotherapy showed amazing improvement by inhibiting the growth of cancer cell lines.

And there’s so much more to tell you. It’s all part of the special grocery discoveries you’ll find within the revolutionary report…

Cancer-Free For Life

This “Sweet-Treat” cancer fighter will be revealed to you on page 22 of this groundbreaking collection.

And it’s one of many.

Take a look…

The “smartest” spice known to man—
hiding in aisle 5!

The fact that herbs and spices play a powerful role in cancer protection is nothing new. They are, after all, crammed with exciting antioxidants.

But one spice is redefining what scientists thought was possible with natural cancer protection.

In fact, this one spice could be the easiest to get whole body protection as it’s been proven to help fight arthritis, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and more.

But when it comes to cancer—this spice is brilliant.

Researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center were positively stunned by this spice’s ability to not only differentiate cancer cells from normal cells, but get this—

It could ALSO create apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells while promoting better cellular health in non-cancerous cells.

And its power is waiting for you in your local grocery store—right now!

You’ll get all of the details in chapter four of Dr. Pescatore’s BRAND NEW breakthrough report, Cancer-Free for Life.

Or what about…

The Breakfast Beverage with the

Unbelievable Cancer-Fighting Secret…

Imagine a compound that has been shown to…

Prevent blood vessels from feeding tumor cells and helping them grow—leaving them (and cancer cells) to starve and disappear…

• Thwart the growth and induce cell death in pancreatic cancer cells…

• Block the stimulating effect of the male sex hormone androgen on prostate tumor cells as well as slow their spread and increase cell death…

And new findings suggest this compound can lower the chances of developing prostate cancer even in patients at HIGH RISK for the disease.

And this earth-shaking compound is found almost exclusively in ONE common breakfast beverage.

So common, in fact, you can find it in every grocery store, Starbucks and kitchen cupboard in America. And no—it’s not coffee.

This one drink is so important—Dr. Pescatore has devoted a huge portion to its power within the chapter, “Cancer Breakthroughs You Can Count On.”

It’s all waiting for you in the ONE report that finally divulges all of Dr. Pescatore’s cancer-fighting secrets, Cancer-Free For Life.

And that’s just the beginning! Dr. Pescatore wants to show you how easy it is to live a cancer-free lifestyle. It’s not always about hidden breakthroughs, either. Knowing what to avoid can sometimes make the difference between benign and malignant. Take a look…

How can soda and soy beans
lead to stage 5 cancer!?

It’s true. New research is pointing to a hidden, silent cancer culprit.


Any time you injure yourself or are exposed to an infection, your immune system sends out inflammatory chemicals.

Acute inflammation is an undeniably good thing. Without it, wounds and infections would never get better because inflammatory chemicals increase blood flow and flood the infection or injury with white blood cells.

But when those chemicals linger too long—it can quickly turn into chronic inflammation.

Scientists are finding chronic inflammation can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, stroke and…cancer.

And Americans are inviting this cancer culprit into their bodies with every sip and every bite!

Diets—with sugary sodas, deep-fried French fries, and snacks that are so heavily processed you can’t read a single ingredient on the first try…

Are flooding your body with cancer-causing inflammation!

Take sugar. You know it’s #1 on a diabetic’s “no-no” list, but did you know it can help turn a single cancer cell into an unstoppable tumor?

That’s right—with every blood sugar spike, sugar molecules are attaching to certain proteins within your body.

These “cancer-causing-combos” are called, advanced glycation end products.

These end products latch on to your blood vessel walls and quickly kick inflammation in overdrive.

Suddenly, you’re in the throes of chronic inflammation.

Consider the fact that in 1822, the average American consumed 42 grams of sugar every 5 days, and now the average American contains over 765 grams of sugar every 5 days.

It’s no wonder cancer centers are overwhelmed with patients.

But that’s not all.

There’s an even more sinister saboteur in our grocery aisles.

Our snacks are packed with it…

Our cakes are crammed with it…

Even simple sauces and salad dressings aren’t safe.

And the worst part? Many doctors are so uninformed on this danger—they’ll actually recommend it as a balanced part of your diet.

But make no mistake—this other cancer-culprit can skyrocket chronic inflammation and greatly increase your chances of developing cancer.

Does that mean you have to quarantine condiments out of your life? NO. It’s incredibly easy to avoid this dangerous compound and you don’t have to give up your favorite salad dressing to do it.

Dr. Pestcatore will give you all of the danger details in chapter 1 of Cancer FREE for Life.

Few doctors realize the impact inflammation makes in cancer development.

That’s why you will discover the other “cancer culprit” along with what the World Health Organization lists as the 2nd most important cause of cancer behind tobacco use.”

Conquering cancer is as easy as

braving the check-out line?

Only with this special checkout list in your hand.

You don’t need a prescription for these powerful healers—you don’t even need a coupon. Some of these cures cost next to nothing!

And that’s a HUGE reason why you haven’t heard about them. Obviously, Big Pharma has a LOT of money to lose on these discoveries.


A simple checkout list—

Toppling a multi-million dollar industry like chemotherapy?

It could happen.

And it all starts today!

It’s here!

EVERYTHING you need to protect yourself from today’s most sinister health threat

Within your copy of Cancer-Free For Life you’ll not only receive the ultimate grocery list for cancer-free living (including secret after secret for easily blocking and destroying cancer), but you’ll also discover….

The one oil, that when left unchecked, can flip cancer “on” like a light switch…

The unbiased “real deal” on cancer screenings

And so much more…


  • The Colorful path to slashing your breast cancer risk—a “once-a-day”habit that could be the difference between a deadly diagnosis and “nothing to worry about.” It’s on page 28.
  • The secret Scandinavian oil that can penetrate cell walls, neutralize free Radicals, and squash cancer growth—and just wait until you see how it can help with the common side-effect of modern treatments, radiation sickness.  See it on page 21.
  • How to easily avoid “The 3 Building Blocks of Cancer.” Cancer needsthese three elements to grow—and grocery stores are packed with them.Avoid them—and avoid cancer. Discover how on page 4.
  • The “False Positive Epidemic” plaguing modern medicine. Doctors arescreening more than ever—and it’s not always a good thing. Discover thevery real risks behind mammograms, MRI’s and colonoscopies on page 9.
  • The hot new alternative test—Dr. Pescatore would never recommend! While other docs are getting excited, Dr. Pescatore is splashing a coldbucket of water on this hot sensation for one very good reason.See why on page 11.
  • FIVE golden rules that would wipe cancer out for good—and not asingle one involves risky pharmaceutical drugs. An entire chapter onthese unbelievably easy rules starts on page 15.
  • Why your desk chair could be a catalyst for cancer! Researchers recentlydiscovered doing this ONE THING could decrease your life expectancy byover 3 years. See how you can avoid it on page 17.
  • The 9-Point Battle Plan to busting colon cancer. If you’re concerned withyour with your family’s history of colon cancer you must see Dr. Pescatore’slist of must- have nutrients. You don’t need to have all nine—but it’s nice toknow you have options. Discover them on page 31.
  • The most VALUABLE nutrient in any drug store—and it costs next-to-nothing. Imagine—a deficiency in this one nutrient has been linked to colon,prostate, breast, and pancreatic cancer. See what you might be missing onpage 32.
  • And so much more!

There are dozens of BRAND NEW ideas for battling one of America’s most sinister diseases—and they’re all waiting for you in Dr. Pescatore’s…

Cancer-Free For Life

This is the long sought-after collection of cancer cures that Dr. Pescatore’s patients have been waiting for—and it’s available to you for the first time.

Dr. Pescatore is a man of science—and a man with experience.

Every breakthrough you discover, every pitfall that is revealed—is 100% backed by Dr. Pescatore and in most cases—has been used with great success in his high-rise practice.

You can finally have access to this medical genius—and guess what—

Dr. Pescatore wants this information OUT and he’s not going to put up a “price road-block” to prevent you from getting your hands on it.

This is over 30 years’ worth of education, research and patient experience all regarding cancer—and all gathered in one spot.

There are many patients and even many physicians who would pay dearly for this information…

But they don’t have to.

Dr. Pescatore himself insisted this groundbreaking collection be offered to you today—for just $19.95!

That’s right—just $19.95 for dozens of cancer cures, secrets and myths that you will never hear from the mainstream.

And I didn’t even mention one of the BIGGEST cures you’ll find in this exposé!

The Japanese natural cancer answer that WILL

change the face of American medicine in the next 2 years

But with Dr. Pescatore’s Cancer-Free for Life you won’t have to wait at all.

This incredible super food has long been hailed as an immune-boosting cancer answer—but only in Japan.

Unlike in America, Japanese medicine is focused on working with the immune system to beat cancer—instead of overriding and destroying it the way chemotherapy and radiation work.

And their decades’ head-start has led them to an astonishing method for treating cancer.

Dr. Pescatore calls it the “Japanese Juggernaut.” Why?

It enhances your immune cells—fueling them to hunt down the microscopic tumors which are hiding in all of our bodies.

These tiny globs of cancer cells have the power to turn into tumors—but your immune system is supposed to stop them in their tracks.

As we age—it often doesn’t.

But large Phase II trials have confirmed the Japanese Juggernaut can boost your immune system and even better—direct it to hunt down cancer cells!

Studies have shown dramatic increases in survival rates among cancer patients using the Japanese Juggernaut—

Even those with late-stage or terminal diagnoses.

I can’t express this enough—if YOU are in the battle for your life, you must have this secret on your side.

Dr. Pescatore will reveal everything you need to know—what it is and how you can get it—on page 19 of Cancer-Free for Life.

What more could you ask for—dozens of time-tested cancer secrets PLUS an unbelievably affordable price?

How about this?

You have 12 FULL MONTHS to give

these secrets a chance

From the moment you receive your groundbreaking report—you have 12 FULL MONTHS to read it, digest it and even try every single secret within its pages.

The cures, the long sought after “grocery list to cancer-free living,” they’re all yours to try for a full 12 months—

And if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for from one of these secrets (which I’d be amazed if that were the case) you can still ask for a 100% refund of the purchase price (less shipping).

It’s that simple.

This means you can actually read and apply this knowledge to your body with ABSOULTELY NO RISK.

So what do you think? Are you ready to experience the expertise of one of America’s leading cancer doctors?

It’s time to decide.

Discover what life can be like when you look to PROVEN science and proven medicine—that works with your body instead of fighting against it.

Cancer is constantly on the attack against your body. With the help of Dr. Pescatore’s brand new, Cancer-Free for Life you can protect yourself and even turn the tides against this deadly disease.

And it’s as easy as a trip to your local grocer.

Remember, your purchase is absolutely RISK-FREE today, but don’t delay. This opportunity will not last for long.

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