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A Look At May's Logical Health Alternatives Newsletter


The fatal risks of sugar addiction and the deceit of artificial sweeteners

It’s no secret that America has a massive addiction to sugar.

But you may never guess where our insatiable taste for the white stuff began…

Big Tobacco.

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Lifestyle habit HALTS diabetes?

I love talking to you about “lifestyle medication.” That is, adopting healthy habits to potentially overcome chronic disease and boost health. And really, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is quite simple. But that’s also where I love stepping in to help you. So, allow me to outline a proven intervention for you to try. Better still, […]

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[ALERT] You CAN lose weight without those wonder drugs

I’ve spent a lot of time lately discussing the new weight-loss drugs that are all the rage. And yes, I still believe that GLP-1 agonist drugs can be a viable option for many folks struggling with weight loss. But considering I’ve spent most of my career helping people lose weight without help from a pharmaceutical […]

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Eating THIS for breakfast does WHAT? (Weight loss hack!)

Just yesterday we talked about weight-loss drugs that continuously make headlines, like Ozempic. These drugs are actually glucagon-like peptine-1 (GLP-1) agonists. Meaning they stimulate the pancreas to release insulin, which helps push sugar out of your blood and into your tissues. (That’s why they’re prescribed for Type 2 diabetes.) Plus, by mimicking GLP-1—a hormone your […]

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“Weighing” in on a cultural phenomenon (Ozempic)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drug take over the world—or at least the U.S.—as quickly as Ozempic. (Or “vitamin O,” as I like to call it.) It’s truly a cultural phenomenon… Perhaps even bigger than Taylor Swift! (Though, your grandchildren might think otherwise.) Now, before I dive into today’s discussion on Ozempic, keep […]

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Botanical extract enhances cognitive recovery in stroke patients

I just love when an oldie-but-goodie gets some attention. Case in point: A tried-and-true staple for microcirculation and memory is making headlines once again… This time, for cognitive recovery in acute ischemic stroke patients. Statistically significant enhancements I’m talking about ginkgo biloba. It’s a botanical extract made from the dried leaves and seeds of the […]

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