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A Look At July's Logical Health Alternatives Newsletter

Diabetics: This common complication SPIKES death risk 2,000–4,000 percent!

Take steps—starting today—to prevent this silent, lethal threat

When I first started writing Logical Health Alternatives many years ago, I envisioned it primarily as a resource for how to naturally manage and control high blood sugar—and stave off Type 2 diabetes. Fast forward a few decades, and there’s still a lot of work cut out for us.

Today, a staggering 38 million American adults struggle with Type 2 diabetes. And that number will likely continue to grow with each passing decade.

However, despite its prevalence, it seems mainstream medicine pays far less attention to people with Type 2 diabetes than any other disease. For one, the condition predominantly affects people who struggle with their weight. And we know how the mainstream treats people with diseases they feel are brought on by “bad habits.” (Think: lung cancer.)

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Have your “kale” and eat it too!

Yesterday I shared a study that suggests you can eat carbs and maintain normal blood sugar levels… As long as you eat your veggies first. But do you know WHY that is? An appetizing thought First and foremost: Vegetables have fiber. So, when you eat carbs after fiber, it will delay your body’s absorption of […]

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When “good” food contributes to diabetes

In my now over-30-year career, something that always resurfaces is understanding which foods are “good” and which foods are “bad.” Indeed, many patients come to me for dietary advice because they’re simply confused. They’re eating, what they believe to be, all the “right” things. And yet, they can’t lose weight… they’re still pre-diabetic… and more. […]

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An uncommon “whey” to fight cancer

For years, whey protein shakes only appealed to fitness enthusiasts. But—as I shared yesterday—this tasty, nutritionally dense product holds great health-boosting potential… Even when it comes to fighting cancer! A powerful nutritional punch We discussed the nutritional profile of whey protein yesterday. So today, let’s break things down a bit further. The essential amino acids […]

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The cancer-fighting shake hiding in your kitchen?

Rather than being relegated as yet another nutritional supplement—or as an overhyped product for fitness buffs… Whey protein is starting to make a play for the big leagues. In fact, it recently gained some attention for its potential anti-cancer properties. Let’s take a look… Impressive nutritional profile Whey protein is formed during milk processing as […]

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Does artificial intelligence belong in healthcare?

Let’s talk about artificial intelligence (AI). Specifically, in healthcare. More and more studies are looking at its potential benefits—like the ability to detect abnormalities on scans much earlier… While also weighing certain risks—like its impact on doctor-patient relationships and the individuality of medicine. Indeed, it’s a tricky subject. And to be honest, I’m not a […]

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