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A Look At May's Logical Health Alternatives Newsletter


The fatal risks of sugar addiction and the deceit of artificial sweeteners

It’s no secret that America has a massive addiction to sugar.

But you may never guess where our insatiable taste for the white stuff began…

Big Tobacco.

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Botanical extract enhances cognitive recovery in stroke patients

I just love when an oldie-but-goodie gets some attention. Case in point: A tried-and-true staple for microcirculation and memory is making headlines once again… This time, for cognitive recovery in acute ischemic stroke patients. Statistically significant enhancements I’m talking about ginkgo biloba. It’s a botanical extract made from the dried leaves and seeds of the […]

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Sick and miserable? Here’s why

This past cold/flu season was a rough one for my patients. It seemed they would catch a virus… and then take ages to recover. I’ve seen this happen plenty, even before the pandemic. And in retrospect, I wonder if I was seeing COVID cases before we knew what it was. Now, four years later—I know, […]

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Atrial fibrillation is killing younger patients?

Atrial fibrillation (A-fib) is a serious condition. It causes your heart to beat faster (or in an irregular pattern)—and raises your risk of heart attack and stroke. Similar to other health conditions, your A-fib risk increases as you age. But now, recent research suggests this condition is impacting those under 65 at an alarming rate… […]

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It’s KIDNEY STONE season? [Must-read]

It’s no secret that kidney stones can have big health implications. Not to mention, they hurt. (Many compare the pain of passing one to the pain of childbirth.) In fact, if you ever pass one, I guarantee you won’t forget the agony. Of course, roughly one in 10 people will suffer from kidney stones in […]

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Can loneliness predict health and longevity?

Are you lonely? Do you feel isolated? If so, you aren’t alone. And the sad reality is, these feelings don’t just make our hearts ache… They threaten our very health and longevity. Let me explain… Dire health implications Feeling lonely has become a worldwide epidemic. In fact, the U.S. surgeon general now claims loneliness is […]

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