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Get the “skinny” on the blockbuster drug helping people shed pounds

Everything we know—and don’t know—about Ozempic for weight loss

I was an obese child and adolescent. And I still have the psychological scars to prove it. (It’s one of the main reasons why I wrote my first book, Feed Your Kids Well.)

So, you can understand why I’ve committed my life’s work to helping others, at any age, achieve—and maintain—a healthy weight.

It’s something I take quite seriously. After all, we’re in the midst of a global obesity epidemic, with no signs of it letting up any time soon.

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Little blue pill sparks a whole new flame? (Wow!)

It seems like ages ago when that little blue pill was all the rage. Well, as it turns out, that discrete drug may be able to spark a whole NEW flame… This time, for your brain. An unexpected boost I’m talking about Viagara (sildenafil) and its impact on Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Researchers used artificial intelligence […]

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Breathe your way to better sleep?

It’s no secret that many of us don’t catch nearly as many ZZZs as we should. And that’s a BIG problem. After all, not prioritizing sleep could contribute to a slew of health problems. And it’s particularly detrimental to your brain. Is there an easy way to enjoy better sleep without turning to dangerous drugs? […]

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Could “exercise gossip” increase motivation?

When it comes to exercise, it seems that “sharing is caring!” In fact, a new study shines light on how important it may be to have an exercise buddy. Or, at the very least, someone to talk to about exercise goals. Let’s take a look… Let’s work together A recent randomized controlled trial, published in […]

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Chemical soup: Navigating the sea of toxins

As a reader, you already know that I try to avoid as many chemicals as possible… Whether the exposure comes from plastic, disinfecting products, food items, or more. This is always top of mind for me. But let’s really dig into how difficult it can be… Toxic food supply I was recently on vacation—on a […]

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