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A Look At April's Logical Health Alternatives Newsletter

Nearly 35 million Americans battle lung disease and lung cancer

Yet a staggering percentage of them have NEVER smoked!

Chronic lung disease and lung cancer are massive problems in the United States, affecting almost 35 million adults.1,2

But perhaps most shocking of all is the misconceived notion that smoking is the one and only factor that raises risk.


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To “O” or not to “O”?

To “O” or not to “O,” that is the question. At least, that’s the question most of my patients are contemplating these days. And I’m not talking about the Big O—rather, Ozempic. It’s a newer drug originally designed for diabetics. But it has a side effect that people just can’t seem to get enough of… […]

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Survey says: Your favorite snack is “dirty”

I’m always telling you to follow a healthy, balanced diet. And as the temperatures continue to rise, many of us crave fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies. That’s great news for our nutrition… As long as you opt for organic varieties. Because survey says a shocking 75 percent of conventional produce is tainted with… (Can you […]

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Cracking the code on healthy aging

A lot of things come to mind when someone talks about healthy aging. For many of us, it simply means we want to feel as healthy as possible—for as long as possible. So, I think it’s normal that we discuss topics like warding off dementia, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. But today, I want to focus […]

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(Shh!) Why are these findings being kept a secret?

Do you ever read a news story or research paper and wonder how the heck a certain conclusion was made? If so, you’re not alone. Case in point: The VITAL study was designed to primarily study the effects of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on cancer and cardiovascular disease. But subsequent studies looked […]

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