Allergy and Digestive Issues

Our comprehensive approach to treatment can help you manage or conquer:

Celiac Disease: Probably one of the most under-diagnosed conditions in the medical community today. Many patients who have suffered lifelong problems with their digestion, whether it be constipation, diarrhea, bloating or gas, see their symptoms disappear with a simple dietary change. Also, many learning disorders and behavioral problems in children are alleviated through the identification of this very common condition.


Food Sensitivities: Over 70% of Americans feel they have a food allergy, whereas only 1% actually do. The difference is distinguishing between food sensitivities or intolerances. The symptoms are varied and by identifying and eliminating foods that are creating inflammation in your body, many of your common symptoms that you thought you would have to live with for the rest of your life simply go away.

Crohn’s Disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease we have helped many patients with.

Irritable Bowel Disease: Many Americans are plagued by this problem. But by following one of the many individualized dietary and nutritional interventions, Medicine 369 can make this disappear for you forever.

Gut Health

Leaky Gut: The underlying cause of most digestive, allergy, asthma and other inflammatory conditions. By identifying the source of the inflammation and eliminating it, we can successfully outline a program that helps heal most inflammatory conditions that can be troubling you.

Candida: This is a very common fungus found in our body and often leads to digestive difficulties of many different varieties. Also, this is usually the underlying issue in many children with PDD, ADHD, or other learning disorders.

Ulcerative Colitis: Another inflammatory condition that requires a rebalancing of the flora in the gut and a diminution of pro-inflammatory causations in the body to heal rather than suppress symptoms.