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Nicole Kidman hasn’t aged that much or gotten heavy so I feel they look like nice small implants.” (RadarOnline)

Jessica Simpson looks ridiculous at this point–boobs on a stick! “Her weight loss is unsustainable. Heart attacks can occur very easily in this situation.” (National Enquirer)

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The Martie Whittikin Show: January 30, 2016

Fred Pescatore, MD talks to listeners about what is misleading about news warning us about meat.
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The Martie Whittikin Show
Interview with Dr. Fred Pescatore M.D.
The Martie Whittikin Show: May 17, 2014

Fred Pescatore, MD talks to listeners about what interests them as well as answers a few questions about the thyroid and the trendy Paleo diet.
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The Martie Whittikin Show
Interview with Dr. Fred Pescatore M.D.
The Danielle Lin Show: March 3, 2014

Learn exactly what it takes to beat the odds to prevent a stroke, heart disease and hypertension
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The Danielle Lin Show
Interview with Dr. Fred Pescatore M.D.
Naturally Savvy on RadioMD: January 14, 2014

Simple suggestions that could help you avoid the flu this season or significantly reduce the symptoms
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Naturally Savvy on RadioMD
Interview with Dr. Fred Pescatore M.D.
The Danielle Lin Show: December 24, 2012

“6 Ways to Thrive This Holiday Season”

Thrive is the key word for this holiday time! May the bells ring on with holiday cheer and leave you at peace for the end of this year. This hour is packed with healthy tips for protecting your mind, body and spirit went the spirit. Listen to the show: 6 Ways to Thrive This Holiday Season


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Life and Style Magazine: January 9, 2012 issue

“Diets That Really Work”

Who does it:
Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker

How it Works:
“The Hapmtons Diet takes the best of the Mediterranean Diet and the best of the controlled-carbohydrate eating and puts them together,” says Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of The Hamptons Diet. On this plan, Kate enjoyed whole foods, including lean protein (especially fish), vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts. The diet also emphasizes healthy fats, especially monounsaturated oils such as macadamia nut oil, which is said to boost your metabolism.

Life and Style Magazine: January 9, 2012 issue

How to do it:
Read The Hamptons Diet or get free daily tips on Dr. Pescatore’s Facebook page, DrFredPescatore.

Ham roll-ups with poached egg and Mornay sauce

Tangy cucumber-and-tuna wrap

Prosciutto-and-provolone-stuffed chicken breasts

Baked apple with walnuts

First For Women: June 2, 2014 issue

“Could Seasonal Allergies be Making you Fat”

Dr. Fred in FirstForWomen Magazine

Read the article!

First For Women: August 17, 2020 issue

“Fred Pescatore, MD, reveals the herb that melts 636% more belly fat… it’s proven to work better than the #1 diabetes drug!”


Woman’s World: September 6, 2014 issue

“Help! I look older than I am!”

Read the article!

Woman’s World: July 9, 2020 issue

“Turn on Your Skinny Gene”










**As seen on ABC News**

Dangers of Diet Pills

Watch Dr. Fred as he discusses the health risks and side effects of dangerous diet pills.

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**As seen on The Rachael Ray Show**

Dr. Fred reveals his simple, delicious, shockingly decadent secrets for staying healthy this fall and winter

Every fall people begin gearing up for cold and flu season…but there’s actually a much more dangerous medical condition you should be worrying about this time of year–and it affects almost all of us. During his recent appearance on The Rachael Ray Show, Dr. Fred revealed that “75 percent of us don’t have enough vitamin D in our bodies.” And the shorter fall and winter days only make the problem worse, since we produce this essential nutrient from exposure to sunlight. But as you’ll see in this video clip, there are some simple, delicious, and shockingly decadent ways to get more of the vitamin D you need…

• Watch the Video: Vitamin D deficiency (Video may not be working)

**As seen on The Rachael Ray Show**

Cure Your Sweet Tooth?

Could your sweet tooth be cured in three days? Find out how to cut out the sugars you probably don’t even know you’re eating!

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