Dr. Fred Pescatore, MD

Meet Dr. Fred Pescatore – “Dr. Fred”

Fred Pescatore, MD, is one of the most sought-after natural physicians in the country, specializing in making you feel like the best version of you!

He has spent over 3 decades studying, researching and practicing medicine around the world alongside some of today’s most well-respected physicians. Through his non-stop research and unique medical connections across the globe, he hears about the most groundbreaking natural discoveries and healing techniques as they happen…sometimes decades before they trickle out to the mainstream.

As a result, many travel hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of miles to visit at his renowned clinic in New York City.

And with over 30 years of knowledge in his back pocket, Dr. Pescatore is putting the research, techniques, and in-depth healing protocols right in your hands – not in clunky medical textbook fashion.

Dr. Pescatore makes good health easy to understand and attainable for any age, at any fitness level. His natural approach to healing confronts the modern-day cure-all obsession for drugs and surgery that come with countless side effects. And it’s not just his patients that are reaping the benefits. Dr. Pescatore features it all in one of the most exclusive health newsletters available, Logical Health Alternatives. (A direct pipeline to one of the most respected minds in natural medicine.) These cutting-edge cures and simple healing miracles are also shared daily with his loyal readers in his free e-letter, Reality Health Check.

Behind all the glitz and glamour, Dr. Pescatore is also deeply involved in the philanthropic community, devoting time to working in hospitals in Tanzania, as well as helping to support local organizations for the youth in this country. If he’s not lecturing across America or head-deep in clinical research, he often travels around the world lecturing in such exotic locales as India and Japan – usually returning with new medical techniques to share with his patients.

After graduating medical school at Columbia University, Dr. Pescatore studied in Southeast Asia, India, Japan, Africa, and Europe. The techniques he gathered have become part of his broad knowledge of healing.

His passion for traveling and education has given Dr. Pescatore vast opportunity to research and create some of the best nutritional supplements available today. Coming out with his own line in 2012, NuLogic Nutritionals, Dr. Pescatore has had hands-on experience formulating with  the highest quality ingredients derived from ideal climates around the world. (Visit the “Shop” tab.)

Because of the respect Dr. Pescatore has earned in the nutritional supplement industry, he is a consultant for many firms and has been instrumental in developing and clinically testing many of the leading nutritional products. He is the former President of the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists, a member of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine, and belongs to many other professional organizations.

Prior to opening his own practice, for five years, Dr. Pescatore was the Associate Medical Director of The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine working as the right-hand-man to the late, great Dr. Robert C. Atkins.

Of course, you may have already met Dr. Pescatore on your television screen, on shows like The O’Reilly Factor, Rachael Ray, The Today Show, Extra, and The View; you may have heard him on podcasts like The Danielle Lin Show; or you may have seen him on the cover of any number of popular magazines, like First for Women, Women’s World, and InTouch.

He has spoken on hundreds of radio shows across America. And for years, he was heard daily as the host of the No. 1 health radio show in New York City called, The Logical Alternative.

He’s also a New York Times best-selling author, and has published 9 bestselling books worldwide – including The A-List DietThe Hamptons Diet, and the No. 1 best-selling children’s health book, Feed Your Kids Well, amongst others. (All available under the “Books” tab!)

Plus, he has his very own YouTube and Instagram channel, where he posts educational videos – as well as healthy cooking tutorials.

In other words, he is quite literally everywhere – with high hopes to present health-related data to help anyone and everyone, anywhere, anytime. He is committed to sharing the latest breakthroughs in integrative and nutritional medicine – and always has his finger on the pulse of natural medicine’s most cutting-edge cures.

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