30 Days to Dropping a Pant Size!

Day 1
Eliminate White Foods. This includes pasta, breads and rice, and of course, sugar; this tip continues through the length of the 30 days. Do not substitute any whole grains or any sugar replacements go cold turkey!

Day 2
Begin a Light work-out routine: 15 minutes each day for the next 6 days with one day of rest. Today start with push-ups.

Day 3
Today’s Routine:Lunges- Stand with your arms at your sides. Step forward with one leg until your knee is about one inch from the ground. Stand up and alternate.Keep your back straight and be sure that you are not hyper extending beyond the knee.

Day 4
Today’s Tip: Begin supplements that help to support healthy blood sugar- Chromium 200mcg, Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg, & Gymnema Sylvestre

Day 5
Today’s Routine: Planks This is a simple yoga position where you get into a position as if you were going to do a push up but instead rest on your elbows; keeping your body straight & hold this position as long as you can.

Day 6
The Bug – I don’t know what this is really called but it’s what I call it. Get into the push up position and bring your knee to your chest and alternate legs. Do this for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

Day 7
Dumbbell Lifts- the dumbbells should be light – 5 pounds for women and 10 for men

Day 8
No exercise today; but focus on your eating. Start to keep a food diary for this week.

Day 9
Choose an exercise from week 1 & start the week all over again – remember 6 of the 7 days in a week you need to be doing one of those exercises. If you find you can’t do a particular one, simply double up on a different one but don’t do the same exercise each day.

Day 10
Evaluate your snacking – if you are going to indulge in this, then use nuts (no more than 2 ounces per day which is 10 to 20 nuts depending on the type) or avocado.

Day 11
Remember to take your nutritional supplements – a day without them is a day without sunshine

Day 12
Focus on Water – my rule of thumb is your body weight divided by 2 in ounces of water each day.

Day 13
Turn to Salad Greens as your vegetable source. They are primarily water and help fill you up.

Day 14
Have a kale omelet for breakfast and a spinach salad with a grilled meat of your choice.

Day 15
Incorporate Salt into your regimen- with all the exercise I have asked you to do, you don’t want to lose all your electrolytes by sweating them out.

Day 16
Its time to increase the work outs. I was being easy on you for the first two weeks by allowing you to quit when you felt like it.For these next two weeks, I want you to make the last few reps count – feel the burn but don’t hurt yourself.This will increase your body’s metabolism post workout

Day 17
Rest- simply focus on the food; monitor your blood sugar closely as you may start to need less blood sugar medication.

Day 18
Incorporate some cardio into your day. It doesn’t have to be much but it should be at least 15 minutes and you should break a sweat.

Day 19
Lose the Booze! I know in The Hamptons Diet I allow alcohol, but we are down to the last ten days & to achieve our goals sometimes we have to do something that hurts. Give it up for the last part of our challenge.

Day 20
Time to dial up the work out routine. Keep doing the same exercises but rather than 15 minutes, do each one for 20.

Day 21
Cut out all fruit – at this point your diet should be nothing but lean protein, salad vegetables, occasional nuts & avocado & water – think boot camp baby but without the yelling.

Day 22
Increase your cardio routine to 30 minutes twice this week

Day 23
During the day at work add at least 5 sets of 10 squats scattered throughout the day to keep your metabolism working.

Day 24
Do a Detox Day – Protein shake for Breakfast & Lunch (mixed with water & no milk of any kind) & the total carbohydrate count should be no more than 3 grams per serving.

Day 25
Do two of the five exercises we have been doing on the same day – your choice

Day 26
Today’s Tip: Do a Fat Fast – eat 200 calories of a high fat meal five times per day

Day 27
Veggie Load! Eat salads three times per day; dressing should consist of nothing but the smallest amount of oil.

Day 28
Don’t forget to stick with you exercise regime. Increase the intensity to as much as you can tolerate within the guidelines I have already laid out.

Day 29
Normal eating day; lots of water, cardio and fitness routine.

Day 30
Congratulations!!! Get on a scale and celebrate not by tightening your belt a notch but buy going out and buying a new pair of pants or skirt or whatever you like…