8 supplements everyone should be taking-no matter what

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I’m a true believer in keeping things in good working order before they need repair. I do it with my home and my car without hesitation–and most of you probably do, too. So why is it always so much harder to do the same thing when it comes to our health? Or at least to do it consistently?

Too many of us take our bodies for granted until it’s too late. But it’s absolutely essential to be proactive about your health–no matter what your age. Prime example–women start to lose bone mass around age 20, yet most of them only get concerned about it around menopause. Or how about men, who hit their sexual peak at 17, but never bother to think about it–until “it” doesn’t work so well.
In both instances–and dozens more–there are things you can do early to prevent these problems.
And it starts, once again, with diet and supplements.

I mentioned earlier this week how these two things are essential for everyone, regardless of whether you’re thin or overweight, in good health or struggling.

A nutritious diet lays the foundation for good health, but, unfortunately, food alone can’t finish the job. These days, our soil is so depleted of nutrients and minerals that there’s simply no way to get everything you need–nutritionally speaking–from what you eat. That’s where supplements come in. But contrary to what so many of the alternative health gurus out there would have you believe, you don’t have to choke down dozens of pills every day to have a shot at a long, healthy life.
I’ve boiled it down to eight things that I call my “Desert Island” Supplements. Eight things I wouldn’t ever want to be without–and think that everyone else should be taking too.

  1. Pycnogenol (R)
  2. Vitamin D3
  3. Coenzyme Q10
  4. Probiotics
  5. Fish oils
  6. Resveratrol.
  7. Curcumin
  8. Multivitamin

So there you have it. Of course, the items on this list might change at some point. But based on my research and what I’ve seen in my patients, these are the supplements that have proven themselves time and time again. I think everyone should be taking no matter what. It just makes sense.