A heavy price to pay

If there was something you could do to prevent cancer, wouldn’t you do it–especially if that cancer was particularly deadly?

I mean, I’d venture to guess that all of my readers are actively doing things to stay healthy and prevent cancer. Why would you be reading this, otherwise? I just wish that more people were doing the same.

Case in point: A new report showed that as many as three in every five cases of endometrial cancer are entirely preventable. The secret? Maintaining a healthy weight and staying physically active.

Yes, it really could be that simple. And yes, I know it’s easier said than done. But just take a look at what’s at stake here.

These researchers are estimating that if all women got 30 minutes of daily exercise and maintained a BMI below 25, it would wipe out 59 percent of new endometrial cancer diagnoses. (That’s about 29,500 every year.)

Research already shows that physical activity and healthy body weight could put the brakes on breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer. But I think you’ll agree that the benefit here is pretty amazing.

I mean, 59 percent?! That’s a statistic that bears repeating. But it’s not the only one.

A few more statistics that bear repeating: Seven out of 10 American women are overweight or obese. And more than half don’t get the amount of exercise they need to ward off major illnesses like heart disease or diabetes. Or endometrial cancer.

So I’d say the call to action here is pretty clear. Especially in light of another finding from this same study.

The researchers also discovered that high glycemic loads are “a probable cause of endometrial cancer.” In other words, too much sugar–whether it’s in the form of soda or processed, starchy foods–will boost your risk of developing this disease.

I must issue this warning here and in the office a hundred times per day. It is my mantra.

So it annoyed me a little when the authors of this otherwise brilliant study went out of their way to note that “we haven’t seen this before–that a high glycemic diet increases the risk for endometrial cancer.”

Well, there aren’t many diseases that sugar doesn’t increase your risk of developing. Why should anyone be surprised?

I’m not pointing fingers here. It just amazes me. In this day and age, with everything we know about the dangers of sugar, carbohydrates, and high glycemic index foods, so many “experts” are still overlooking the obvious.

Eating poorly will kill you, plain and simple. As far as I’m concerned, a warning should come on the boxes of processed foods, just like you see on cigarette packs.

Something simple, to-the-point, in a big, bold font: SUGAR KILLS.

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