Make cancer treatment a BREEZE (must-read)

If you or a loved one have gotten a dreaded cancer diagnosis… or a condition that requires ongoing treatment

You know too well about the chaos that quickly ensues.

And mainstream medicine’s therapies, which often involve a port or PICC line, often leave you feeling so poked and proddeddefeated and drained

That it takes ALL of your strength to muster even a smile.

Now, I don’t write about specific products often, but a close friend recently introduced me to a company that’s making waves

In fact, their latest products could completely TRANSFORM those uncomfortable treatments.

And I just had to share their latest with you…

Comfortable and accessible tops

Going through a chronic illness is challenging enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about what you’ll wear during your treatments to ensure easy access to that port or PICC line.

That’s where the company Care+Wear comes on the scene—designing garments that help serve you when you may need it most.

To start, they have three different styles of chest port access tops.

Their long-sleeved shirts and hoodies come with zippers on the shirt’s upper portion, allowing easy access to your port. (They also come in a wide variety of colors to suit anyone’s style.)

Plus, their soft jersey material makes them so comfortable and cozy that you’ll never want to take it off!

Now, hot off the presses, are their blouses.

These shirts have port-accessible zippers on either side. And one of the new styles has fully functioning buttons that make this style even fit like a traditional button-down shirt. (Be sure to check out the available colors and styles on their website!)

Care+Wear also offers PICC line covers. But let me take a moment to share with you the moving story behind these garments…

The company’s founder had loved ones who were diagnosed with cancer. And when he discovered patients were often instructed to place a SOCK over the area to secure their PICC line… he got right to work.

Now, according to the Mayo Clinic, the Care+Wear PICC Line Cover has proven to reduce dislodgments by 78 percent. Which means, using this product allows the PICC line to stay secure and clean.

Once again, this product is offered in a variety of colors—so you can show your personality on your arm.

Great products at reasonable rates

Of course, this company offers many other great products than the few I discussed here.

The best part? They work together with both patients and clinicians to ensure their products truly meet specific needs. And—they’re committed to bringing together fashion and function in the healthcare setting.

I’ll keep you updated on any new innovations that catch my eye either right here in my Reality Health Check, on my website, or social media platforms (like Instagram).

In the meantime, Care+Wear is offering a 10 percent off discount code to all of my subscribers. Just head over to their website,, start shopping, and enter the code DRFRED. (Valid starting today and through November 20th.)

Until next time,
Dr. Fred