Boost testosterone levels by 20 percent—without hormones

At the very beginning of my career, I dabbled in Ayurvedic (traditional Indian) medicine. But after a short time, I realized that this was a bonafide science all its own, just like Chinese medicine, so it was best to leave it to the experts.

However, I recently came across a new study about an Ayurvedic ingredient that supposedly boosts testosterone by as much as 20%. And given the news that came out recently — regarding testosterone’s potential role in curbing the diabetes epidemic — I thought I’d tell you about it.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I believe balancing testosterone is vital to staying youthful and healthy. And the benefits of testosterone replacement go way beyond just sexual performance.

When testosterone levels are normalized in both men and women, it helps you burn fat, think clearer, have more energy, and maintain a better overall mood.

And it just boggles my mind that so many mainstream doctors are still afraid to prescribe it. Especially since that one negative study has been thoroughly debunked. Yet, the fear remains.

So, if you are wary of actual testosterone itself (not that you should be!), then perhaps this Ayurvedic remedy may be right for you.

It’s called “shilajit” (pronounced shil-ah-jeet), but it’s also referred to as moomiyo, or mumie.

Shilajit is found mainly in the Himalayas. And in its raw form, it is a sticky, black, tar-like substance formed from the gradual decomposition of mountainous plants. The active ingredients in shilajit, are humic and fulvic acid, over 80 trace minerals, vitamins A, B, and C, and polyphenols.

Bundled together, these elements seem to be able to boost testosterone.

Now, there is usually good cause to be skeptical about any supplement that boasts that it can improve testosterone levels. Many of them actually contain some form of testosterone. Also, in my experience, I just haven’t found any of the other testosterone-boosting hebal supplements — such as maca, horny goat weed, trilibus, etc. — to be all that effective.

So let’s take a look at what this new study found.

Researchers from the Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital in India tested shilajit’s effects in 75 healthy males between the ages of 45-55. The men were divided into two groups: One got 250 mg of purified shilajit twice a day, and the other got a placebo.

After three months, researchers found that the men taking the shilajit had a 20 percent increase in total testosterone, and a 19 percent increase in free testosterone (the active form of the hormone your body actually uses).

These results could be potentially life-changing for the millions of healthy baby boomers out there who are reaching the point of needing some help and don’t want to resort to the “little blue pill.”

That said, not all male sexual dysfunction problems arise from a decrease in testosterone. It is important to be mindful that other issues, such as stress and depression, can play a tremendous role in desire.

But increasing testosterone isn’t shilajit’s only health benefit. It can also help increase physical strength, promote longevity, and is an all-around rejuvenator.

And recent research also points to its potential in fighting Alzheimer’s. Researchers believe the fulvic acid in shilajit may help prevent tau proteins from forming in the brain.

I haven’t used shilajit with my patients yet, but these are certainly promising results. So I’m going to keep a look out for more clinical trials. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, before you run out and buy the first bottle of shilajit you see, you should know there are many shilajit products on the market that claim they are purified. But, like I said, Ayurvedic medicine is a very precise science that is best handled by professionals. So I recommend consulting a holistic doctor specially trained in Ayurvedic medicine.

You can find one near you by visiting the National Ayurvedia Medical Association’s website, and clicking the “Find a Professional” link at the top of the page.