Change isn’t easy

I always like to think of autumn as a time of renewal and self-evaluation. As I get older, I like to ponder the future and what it may look like. But, this year, I decided to make a drastic change in my life and move.

That may not seem like a big deal. But in Manhattan, moving is akin to climbing Mount Everest–no matter how prepared you may be, an unexpected storm or avalanche can devastate you. And it costs as much to move two blocks as it does to move across the country.

I’m not looking to move far. But my current apartment seems a bit too big and I wanted views and more sunlight. And in my little perfect historically preserved neighborhood, that’s a challenging endeavor.

Moving a few blocks means changing dry cleaners, parking garages, subway stops, corner bodegas, and my dog Remington’s route. He’s going to have to get to know a whole bunch of new trees, fire hydrants, street lamps, not to mention new dogs.

I just came back from looking at an apartment literally two blocks away and I felt like I was in an entirely new neighborhood…and I have to admit, it scared me.

And as I was walking those long two blocks home, I realized how much change I ask my patients to make every day.

To me, it seems like no big deal since I have been eating in a healthy fashion for so long. I don’t remember how to eat poorly. And when I do, I feel it. Like on my birthday just recently…I felt so sick, I couldn’t wait to stop eating badly.

Of course, that took three days of misery but hey, my birthday is just once per year. I needed an entire birthday cake (not really, the rest is in the freezer for no other reason than that my mother taught me to never throw a good cake away).

And of course I couldn’t pass on the risotto and dumplings. My stomach was writhing. I felt bloated to the point of not wanting to go out and celebrate because I didn’t feel good. Not to mention it felt like none of my clothes fit. But, I managed to be a trooper and stick it out for those three days.

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s talk about you. I realize I’m asking you to change just about everything in your life. To give up some of the foods you love, to start exercising (which I’m sure you hate), and to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, all of what I ask you to do is going to save and prolong your life in the long run. But in the short term, I’ll admit it’s not easy. But the change will do you good. And it will get easier, like it has for me. And eventually, if you stick with it, I promise it will become more like second nature.

It may not always be comfortable, but in the end it will have been worth it.

I’ll let you know if I go through with the move…because right now, that left-over cake in the freezer is looking pretty tasty to me. (But I know that’s just the stress talking. I’m stronger than that–and you are too!)