Chocolate lowers BMI

Speaking of enjoying rich, satisfying foods…here’s a great way to offer an alternative dessert your kids will love. Try chocolate!

Of course, it’s got to be dark chocolate–the 80 to 90% cocoa variety.

Still, it’s chocolate. And it’s good for your health. I can’t count how many studies have shown up in the last year alone–all on the health benefits of chocolate.

And here’s another one…this time showing that eating chocolate twice a week lowers your body mass index (BMI). Yes, that’s an indication of body fat.

Eating chocolate slims your waistline!

The researchers gave lengthy diet questionnaires to nearly 1,000 residents of La Jolla, California. On average, they were 57 years old, had a 28 BMI (considered normal), ate chocolate twice a week, and exercised 3.6 times weekly.

Turns out, those who ate more chocolate had lower BMI–even after all the so-called “confounders” were taken into account. Sure, they also had more saturated fat in their diet, but that didn’t matter.

The chocolate, with all its antioxidant phytochemicals like catechins, was working its magic. These same attributes are responsible for helping control insulin sensitivity, cholesterol, and blood pressure, explains the study, published in The Archives of Medicine.

So go ahead and indulge. And be sure to check out some of the great desserts you can make with real chocolate in my special report, Dr. Fred’s Decadent Diet-Free Recipes.