COVID-19: “Magic concoction” could REJUVENATE your sense of smell

An estimated 700,000 people have lost their sense of smell due to COVID-19.

Luckily, most people regain it within a year. But others struggle to get it back.

Of course, to me, not being able to smell anything for months- or years- on end sounds torturous. (After all, certain scents evoke fond memories.)

Plus, your sense of taste is affected when you can’t smell. (Not to mention the inability to smell the delicious food you’re cooking… or eating!)

But according to a new study, a magic concoction could REJUVENATE your sense of smell… no dangerous drugs required!

Rose is a rose is a rose

Researchers analyzed the effect of personalized essential oils—our “magic concoction”—on participants aged 18 to 71 years who lost their sense of smell due to a COVID-19 infection.

The study lasted for three months. And subjects were divided into three different “olfactory training” (OT) groups. They were all instructed to smell each oil for 15 seconds, with a 30-second break between each scent.

The first group smelled rose, lemon, eucalyptus, and clove. The second group sniffed four oils they selected themselves. The third group served as a control and did not participate in the training.

Some subjects were also shown images of the scents they smelled.

Ultimately, the researchers noted some benefit for patients who got to select their own scents and see images of the scents—but they could not rule out a potential placebo effect.

So, let’s talk about what that means for you…

Low risk and potentially big reward

Unlike any option Big Pharma might come up with, this treatment technique is non-invasive, easy, safe, and cost-efficient.

So, in my view, if you believeOT could work for you, there’s no harm in trying.

This type of training works by “challenging” the nerves responsible for sending odor signals to the brain. And those nerves do have the ability to heal and regrow in a process called neuroplasticity.

In other words, if continuously smelling odors even potentially has the ability to awaken those signals… and helps them heal… by all means, try it!

After all, other research shows the benefits of essential oils in combatting other areas of health, from helping relieve coughs to sanitizing your home.

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Until next time,
Dr. Fred


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