Fatal shot

Insulin-dependence may not sound so bad.

In fact, you might even think it’s easier to take a shot of insulin than to take on type-2 diabetes the drug-free way. (Which, luckily, is absolutely possible.)

But a new study shows that this is a deadly misconception.

Chinese researchers followed 8,774 type-2 diabetics from the Shanghai Diabetes Registry. Of these subjects, 3,639 used insulin, while 5,135 did not.

Results showed that subjects using insulin had a significantly higher risk of developing liver cancer–184 percent higher, in fact. What’s more, these subjects also suffered a higher risk of cancer death–and death by any cause–by 116 percent and 89 percent, respectively.

This should serve as a serious wake-up call for type-2 diabetics everywhere.

Poor diet and obesity are the most common causes of this condition. And more often than not, it can be completely reversed with a committed lifestyle re-haul.

That means your future health lies completely in your own hands.

As with most things, there’s no “easy” way out where diabetes is concerned. But there is a way out, if you’re ready and willing to accept the challenge.

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