Go nuts!

Nuts are a staple of my New Hamptons Health Miracle. They’re also my first suggestion when anyone asks about satisfying snacks to reach for in a pinch. So when I come across news like this, of course, I have to share it with you.

A recent study found that eating 56 grams–that’s just about two ounces–of raw walnuts daily improved endothelial function in overweight subjects with abdominal obesity. And in just eight weeks, too.

Specifically, walnuts boosted subjects’ measures of flow-mediated vasodilation (FMD). This gauges the relaxation response of the smooth muscles that line your arteries and blood vessels.

Improvements in FMD mean improvements in circulation and blood pressure. And in the fight against metabolic syndrome and heart disease, this is a critical benefit, to say the least.

Earlier this year, I told you about another study, which showed that regular walnut consumption could cut your risk of diabetes by nearly a quarter. (Fat chance) So these latest results aren’t altogether surprising.

They are, however, another great reason to make room for a handful of walnuts here and there–whether sprinkled on a salad or just straight out of the bag.

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