Gold star for grass-fed beef

The first time I had organic beef was well over a decade ago. And I never looked back. If you’ve ever tried it, you know why. Taste-wise, it’s unlike any of those “regular” steaks or burgers in the local supermarket.

Plus, real organic beef is much richer in those all-important omega-3 fatty acids. (Yes, you can get omega-3s from more than salmon and fish oil supplements. Though those are important sources too!)

And now, there’s evidence that another natural compound organic beef is a rich source of–conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)–helps prevent diabetes.

The study, which appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, involved 232 adults with diabetes and 1,512 without diabetes. Researchers measured CLA and 48 other fatty acids in each person’s body. Those with the highest levels of CLA had the lowest diabetes risk.

You can get CLA from supplements. But why not get it from a great-tasting natural source?

Just make sure you’re getting real organic beef. Read labels carefully. Ask questions to make sure you’re truly getting “grass-finished” beef. That means the cow grazes on grass its entire life. Some organic cows are “grain-finished” at the end to fatten them up–yet the meat can still labeled organic.

“Cross-sectional study of conjugated linoleic acid in adipose tissue and risk of diabetes.” Am J Clin Nutr 2012; 96(1): 175-181