Kiss your nerve pain goodbye with this simple diet change

If you tuned in on Monday, you read as I tore apart the latest ridiculously misinformed campaign bashing gluten-free eating. Well here’s another reason to completely ignore all those disingenuous “warnings” and go with your gut when it comes to gluten…

It could actually help to conquer peripheral neuropathy. That’s when nerves (most often in your hands and feet) become damaged, leading to weakness, numbness, and pain.

Gluten’s ability to conquer neuropathy is the conclusion of a new preliminary study, which researchers are scheduled to present at the American Academy of Neurology’s 70th Annual Meeting later this month. And it’s not the first one to suggest a gluten-free diet might have a role in managing chronic pain.

This particular study focused on gluten neuropathy. And before you ask… yes, that’s a real thing.

Gluten sensitivity is actually associated with peripheral neuropathy.

So if you’ve been struggling with nerve pain, but your doctor can’t seem to pinpoint a cause — and especially if you also struggle with gluten sensitivity — the bread you’re eating could be to blame.

The good news here being that a gluten-free diet might be the first step toward recovery.

This study looked at 60 older subjects with gluten neuropathy. They reported to researchers on their pain intensity, symptoms, mental health, and their level of adherence to a gluten-free diet.

More than half of the subjects reported neuropathic pain. But gluten-free patients were far less likely to fall into this category. Among the pain-free subjects, 56 were strictly gluten-free — compared to just 21 percent of the subjects with pain.

Ultimately, researchers found that subjects on a gluten-free diet were 89 percent less likely to suffer neuropathic pain than those who didn’t go gluten-free.

The researchers emphasize that more study is needed in order to confirm these results. And to say for sure whether it was the gluten-free diet that caused a reduction in pain.

I look forward to those findings… but at the end of the day, does it really even matter? It’s a simple dietary change. And if it works, it works. You have nothing to lose by kicking gluten to the curb.

And a potentially permanent end to chronic nerve pain to gain.