Little changes cut cancer risks

I like to make things easy for my patients. Show them the little steps that can make a big difference in their health. Like this latest study.

According to a new study in the journal Cancer Research, losing just a little weight could significantly cut your cancer risk.

What’s “a little”? We’re talking about 10 pounds. Maybe less.

This study involved 438 postmenopausal women–all either overweight or obese.

Previous studies have shown that being overweight and sedentary increases risk for cancer. The extra weight triggers inflammation. Which contributes to cancer–and a slew of other health problems. So researchers set out to determine how diet and exercise can impact that damaging inflammation.

One group was assigned to a reduced-calorie diet. Another group was assigned to moderate-to-vigorous exercise like brisk walking (45 minutes, 5 days a week). And the final group was assigned a diet-and-exercise program.

One year later, the researchers checked in. They found women who lost 5 percent of their weight had improved inflammation markers.

  • The diet group had 36% decrease in CRP.
  • The diet-and-exercise group had 42% reduced CRP. They also had nearly 25% improvements in interleukin-6, another marker of inflammation.

To put it in simple terms, if you weigh 150, losing just 8 pounds will slash your inflammation. And, in turn, cut your risk of cancer.

And the beauty of it is, it’s really pretty easy. In fact, when you follow my New Hamptons Health Miracle, it’s even easier  than the programs used in this study. Because there’s no calorie counting  involved. (Let alone calorie restriction!)

The foods included in my New Hamptons Health Miracle are rich, satisfying, and unbelievably decadent and delicious. And they’re natural inflammation fighters. So you’ll lose weight, reduce inflammation, and cut your cancer risk without even trying.

Add regular exercise to the mix, and you’ll increase those benefits even more.

Plus, you’ll improve your diabetes markers and your overall health to boot. No suffering required.

“Effects of a caloric restriction weight loss diet and exercise on inflammatory biomarkers in overweight/obese postmenopausal women: a randomized controlled trial.” Cancer Research  2012; 72(9): 2,314-2,326