Manage anxiety safely and effectively

I’m always warning you about the hazards of chronic stress.

Because the fact is, if you don’t deal with the stress in your life, it can (and will) kill you.

Of course, I also realize this time of year is stressful. And anxiety-inducing.

So, if you, like many others, feel your heart pulsing and anxiety rising, I have some good news…

Research found this anxiety-reducing technique is equally as beneficial as a commonly prescribed drug.

Better yet? You can perform it from the comfort of your own home—this holiday season, and beyond.

Better than drugs?

In a randomized clinical trial, nearly 300 adults with anxiety were randomly assigned to take an antidepressant drug or engage in a mindfulness-based intervention course.

(These interventions are typically designed to teach individuals how to foster feelings of mindfulness andincorporate it into daily life.)

Notably, over an eight-week period, 10 subjects dropped out of the drug-intervention group due to an adverse reaction to the drug.

By comparison, no participants dropped out of the mindfulness-intervention group.

And ultimately, mindfulness emerged as a powerful, effective way to reduce anxiety… one that stacked up to the leading antidepressant drug, without ill-effects.

Make mindfulness part of your daily routine

I often report on ways you can slash anxiety WITHOUT turning to addictive meds. And now, I’m happy to state that something as simple as mindfulness meditation can help.

So, I encourage you all to make some time for daily mindfulness. This holiday season is a perfect time to start!

Try stepping away from the chatter and sitting quietly in a calm, quiet space. Bring your thoughts inward, focus on your breathing, and let your worries slip away. (Some even make this part of their morning or bedtime routine.)

You—and those around you—will reap the harmonious benefits!

On the contrary, to learn more about the ill-effects of commonly prescribed antidepressant drugs—and why I encourage you to stay away from them, if you can—check out the August 2020 issue of my monthly Logical Health Alternatives newsletter (“The ‘antidepressant avalanche’ burying retirees [literally!]).

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Until next week,
Dr. Fred


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