Milk myths exposed

I’ve received a couple of questions about why milk never appears on my lists of nutritious foods for kids.

There are several negatives with cow’s milk that few parents realize (and most doctors, too). Cow’s milk contains high levels of phosphorus, which can interfere with calcium absorption. Which means your child might be getting far less calcium from it than you realize! (Dark leafy greens are a much better source of calcium anyway.)

Plus, there are some inherent hazards in the processing of milk that make it less than desirable to feed your little ones. Homogenization keeps the fat particles suspended in the milk, so the cream doesn’t rise to the top like it did years ago. This makes the fat and cholesterol in milk more susceptible to oxidation. Which leads to excess free-radical formation. And if that wasn’t bad enough, pasteurization kills any other nutritional value that might still be present in the milk.

And to top it all off, cow’s milk is also filled with sugar.

With all of this in mind, your family is much better off without milk.