More bad news for the average American waistline

I’ve been at this profession for over 20 years now. And although people are finally starting to come around and actually believe in what I say, sadly, it still isn’t putting a dent in the obesity epidemic.

Perhaps it hasn’t been enough time…and with another generation we will see results. But until then, I’m going to keep beating this drum. Because the fact remains that Americans have only continued to get heavier and heavier.

In fact, the latest estimates from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are downright shocking. Over the last 25 years, the average American has put on 15 or more pounds.

The average woman, for example, has jumped from 152 pounds to 169 pounds — while average heights still hover at 5 foot 4. And the average man is now 196 pounds, up from 181 — also at an unchanged average height of roughly 5 foot 9.

What’s worse, these estimates include kids, too. Girls are carrying an extra seven pounds around, with no changes in height. Boys, on the other hand, are now an inch taller — but they’re also more than 13 pounds heavier than they were 20 years ago.

This weight gain is extremely significant. Enough to push a whole lot of people from the upper limits of a normal weight to overweight… and from overweight to officially obese. And yet, no one seems to be especially alarmed by it.

And when you consider all of the extra disease that will come from this extra weight — not just your usual suspects, like heart disease and type 2 diabetes, but also knee and hip replacements from the additional daily joint strain?

Well, we’re looking at billions of dollars of spent. All because people won’t — or can’t — stop eating.

The saddest part is that we know what we need to do to stop it. But our culture has entered the business of profiting off of disease — from Big Pharma to Big Food.

Believe me, they’re doing their fair share to keep the epidemic going as long as they can. And lest you think I’m only wagging my finger at the likes of Coca Cola and McDonald’s, let me be clear… This group also includes manufacturers looking to cash in on trends like “gluten-free,” “paleo,” and the like.

Let give you an example: I had just come from the gym the other day and I was dying of thirst.  But I was running errands outside of my own neighborhood (where I know which shops have truly healthy options).

So, I just went into a major supermarket instead. And in the produce aisle, I came across a giant wall of so-called “healthy” drinks. Naturally, I couldn’t help but investigate.

I must have looked at all of them — each labeled “all natural” or “organic” or “no sugar added.” And yet, every last one of them had more sugar than any sane person would ever dream would be in a “health drink.”

In fact, one brand had a staggering 60 grams of sugar in one 16-ounce bottle. That’s 8 grams more sugar than you’d get from a Coke the same size.

I was appalled and disgusted. But no one should be surprised. This is how Big Food deceives you…and after all these years, they’ve gotten very good at it.

So my advice to you? Don’t assume a product is good for you just because it’s displayed next to the produce or under a sign that says “Healthy.” Read labels, make smart choices, and keep fighting the good fight with me — against the obesity epidemic threatening our future.