National Cancer Institute spends 45 million of your tax dollars

Stranger than fiction

Chalk this one up as another example of “Ripped from the headlines”…

Sometimes I feel like I’m writing an episode of Law and Order, but I’m telling you–this is stuff you just can’t make up. Hence the popularity of reality television of every kind: Real life is just more interesting.

Anyway, the National Cancer Institute is about to spend 45 million of your tax dollars to “prove” something that anyone with even a shred of common sense already knows: There’s a link between obesity and cancer.  Of course there is a link, and almost all of us need to lose weight. Plus, we already know how to do that–cut out sugar and simple carbohydrates. There. Study complete. (Can I have the 45 million?)

Back to cancer: Obesity has been tied to the risk of developing or dying from breast, colon, esophageal and others; and according to the American Cancer Society (if you can believe anything they say) 30% of all cancer deaths are due to poor nutrition, excess weight, and lack of exercise.

So what is there left to “prove”?

Well, here’s a direct quote from this study design that might explain what they’re really getting at: “If we understand the biological mechanisms linking obesity with risk, then we have the potential to… identify drugs to reduce disease risk.”

Doesn’t that sum it up?

And unfortunately, most Americans are killing themselves each and every day–at each and every meal. Our government knows it but wants to research it some more until everyone is obese (or at least overweight) and there’s no turning back.

But we already have the tools we need to make changes, lose weight, and decrease our risk for disease RIGHT NOW–no “further research” required. And it’s becoming increasingly clear that these changes need to happen not just with ourselves, but also in our children…more on that below.