Perhaps we should just call it Pharma-care

It’s fascinating to me that we have not heard much from the pharmaceutical industry in this fight about the Affordable Care Act. They are just sitting back and enjoying their billions of dollars without worry, because they know it isn’t going to affect them at all.

Did you know that the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable industry in the United States?

Is that because we consume more medications than we do anything else? Or is it because the pharmaceuticals you may take cost almost nothing to make yet may cost hundreds to even thousands of dollars per month to be on them?

We all know there are true costs of research and development…but even with those costs included, the pharma industry is still the most profitable. So, it’s time for them to stop crying about how much it costs to produce a new drug and help lower health care costs instead.

People are just not angry enough about this and I don’t know why.

Why should doctors, hospitals, and every other branch of health care get mandated reductions in cost but not pharma? All the while, the most common drugs have doubled, tripled, or quadrupled in price in the last 3 or 4 years. And no one has said anything about it.

The fact that so much of our money is now being transferred to the pharmaceutical industry without a peep from our professional societies, without a word from the government, is deeply troubling to me and I hope it is deeply troubling to you.

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