Pharmaceutical-grade fitness

Everyone knows exercise is a powerful form of heart protection. But just how powerful?

As part recent review of over 300 clinical trials featuring nearly 340,000 subjects, researchers compared the effects of conventional drug therapy with good old exercise on four of this country’s leading killers.

The analysis focused on stroke recovery, heart failure treatment, heart disease and diabetes prevention. And guess what?

Results showed no detectable difference between pharmaceutical intervention and an exercise program when it came to warding off diabetes and keeping heart patients healthy. In fact, in the case of stroke recovery, exercise was more effective than drug treatment.

These results appeared in the British Medical Journal. And they just go to show you good health doesn’t depend on a prescription pad.

Regular exercise, however, could quite literally save your life. So get out there and get moving. And do it every day.

Sifferlin, Alexandra. “Exercise as effective as drugs for treating heart disease, diabetes.” Time. 01 Oct. 2013.