Research-backed alternative to statins

Unproven. Unscientific. Lacking evidence.

How many times have you heard people throwing those insults around when talking about natural supplements?

I hear them so often I can barely muster the energy to respond anymore. Because each one of those so-called “faults” of natural medicine is just plain false. And if anyone knows that, it’s me.

As you know, I spend my life steeped in research on the topic. Most of what I write about, and most of what I do in my office, is based on rigorous studies that prove the effectiveness.

The research I rely on is the real deal — it’s not quackery, and it’s not junk science. Even if the mainstream medical community continues to willfully ignore it.

I wonder if they’ll be able to ignore this latest study, though. I hope not. Because if they listen up and take note, they just might be able to change their patients’ lives for the better.

This new study shows adding a specific probiotic strain — Bifidobacterium longum BB536 — to red yeast rice extract may be the answer to high cholesterol. And you know how much mainstream doctors love to harp on cholesterol. So much so that they’re willing to prescribe statins by the truckload. Despite their laundry list of proven risks.

The researchers used this supplement with 32 people with moderately high cholesterol. After 12 weeks, their LDL cholesterol dropped an average of 26 percent — from 183 to 136 mg/DL.

The people who took the placebo? No change in their LDL at all.

Total cholesterol improved too, declining 17 percent in just six weeks.

What makes this even more remarkable is that this result is identical to the effects seen with statins. This is a revelation that absolutely should not be ignored. But based on what I’ve seen time and again from mainstream medicine, it will be. And instead of giving this safe and effective treatment a try, they’ll stick with their old (deadly) standby — statins.

Why the gloomy outlook? Because while this study is exciting, it’s not the first to show that red yeast rice extract is a powerhouse against cholesterol. It has been touted for decades for its cholesterol-lowering benefits. Years ago, a study found it reduced LDL levels by 15 percent in just 8 weeks.

But this new study’s addition of the probiotic is a novel approach. One I found really interesting. You know I’m a huge fan of probiotics…In fact, I think they may very well be the answer to all our health woes. Yet, I’d never thought about probiotics being used this way.

But the scientific explanation for why they were effective in this particular situation is fascinating to me. So bear with me while I get into the science for a minute…

The probiotic used in this study — B longum BB536 — has high biliary salt hydrolase activity. That may make it able to lower circulating cholesterol by lessening how much of it is absorbed in the large intestine.

Red yeast rice, on the other hand, forms hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA (HMG-CoA) reductase inhibitors. That reduces your liver’s biosynthesis of cholesterol.

In plain English, that means this combo may stop your body from making cholesterol (although we need to be careful we don’t interfere with it too much — we need some cholesterol). Then it stops the body from reabsorbing it.

Essentially, it’s a one-two punch against cholesterol.

So, if you believe that cholesterol counts matter and you have interest in lowering it, you now have a legitimate alternative. And you have a good study to back up your decision when your friends, family, or doctor pressure you to take dangerous statins.

Just say no (and show them this study).

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