Risk of bleeding associated with aspirin outweighs the benefits

The medical advice you should ignore

In December I told you about a study that confirmed one of my long-held beliefs. That aspirin is downright deadly. Researchers found that the risk of bleeding associated with aspirin outweighs the potential “life-saving” effects.

Well, I guess people must have gotten the hint. Because a brand new study found that the majority of women who are “supposed” to be taking aspirin are ignoring that recommendation.

Good for them!

It’s about time this outdated, dangerous dogma fell out of favor with the public. Aspirin is NOT a harmless substance. Despite what the mainstream health authorities would like everyone to believe.

As I mentioned back in December, I’ve seen this supposedly “safe” medication cause all sorts of horrors. Things like bleeding ulcers and hemorrhages. In patients who normally wouldn’t have been at risk for such things.

Plus, in my experience, people taking aspirin always have higher fibrinogen levels than people who aren’t. And higher fibrinogen levels equal higher heart attack and stroke risk.

I do think that people should always carry one or two aspirin around with them, just in case. Because if you have a sudden heart attack, aspirin can be life-saving.

But other than that one instance, you should avoid aspirin at all costs.

There are plenty of nutritional supplements that work better. Vitamin E and nattokinase are just two examples. And they’re much safer.