Short-circuiting prostate concerns

I’ve been prescribing Pygeum africanum for prostate concerns for years. And in almost every instance, it’s helped alleviate some of the most troublesome symptoms. Particularly impaired urinary flow.

Now, there’s evidence that Pygeum may help keep prostate cells healthy. The report, from a group of British and French researchers, appeared in the May issue of the Asian Journal of Andrology.

They conducted several tests using human blood collected before and after taking Pygeum. In each test, the blood with Pygeum triggered changes that helped support healthy cell growth and division.

Scientists found that Pygeum worked by “upregulating” genes involved in proper cell growth and “downregulating” genes involved in inflammation and oxidative stress.

Now that’s the kind of “side effect” I like to see!

I usually recommend 100 mg of Pygeum per day for general prostate support.

“Biological effect of human serum collected before and after oral intake of Pygeum africanum on various benign prostate cell cultures.” Asian J Androl. 2012; 14(3): 499-504