Silly con queso

And now, an example of misguided science at its most absurd…

It seems Spanish scientists have found the answer to high blood pressure. Just fill up on their new low-salt, low-cholesterol cheese!

Never mind that–as I continually remind my readers–cholesterol, salt, and animal fats aren’t the real enemies to your heart’s health. (That honor goes to sugar.)

And never mind that this engineered “cheese” is probably about as palatable as it sounds.

Incidentally, product developers note that providing information about the new cheese’s supposed health benefits positively altered consumers’ expectations. And that this, in turn, resulted in a higher “acceptability” rating in taste tests.

No surprise there. I mean, everyone knows that a healthy diet can’t possibly taste good.

Honestly. Stunts like this just make converting people to my New Hamptons Health Miracle that much easier.

And of course, the idea of heart-healthy Frankencheese is especially ridiculous given a recent bit of research I told you about.

In case you missed it, scientists recently discovered that cheese–especially moldy cheese, like Roquefort–has unique cardiovascular benefits.

More specifically, it appears to be able to lower C-reactive protein…the same inflammatory factor I mentioned above.

What’s that saying again? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

I’ll take my cheese the old-fashioned way, thank you very much.

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