The devastating truth behind the latest COVID-19 numbers

In an era where terms like “alternative facts” and “fake news” have become common parlance, it’s no wonder that some people believe the number of reported deaths from COVID-19 have somehow been inflated.   

But hopefully I’m able to change your mind today with clear, unadulterated facts 

Because while the number of deaths may be shocking, they’re nothing to turn a blind eye to. And this sobering statistic is just one reason why…  

Thousands dying every day 

As of the first week of December 2020, COVID-19 surpassed heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States. More specifically, more than 11,800 COVID-19 deaths were reported that week. (This was compared to 10,700 deaths from heart disease, 4,000 deaths from lung and tracheal cancer, roughly 3,700 deaths from COPD, and roughly 3,600 deaths from stroke.)  

Not to mention, the daily death rate in early December was greater than 4 per million in 34 states. And as you might imagine, that statistic has only escalated since. 

Say what you will, but people are dying. (Meanwhile, a significant segment of our “leadership” is too focused on corrupting the democratic process to address these facts at allYet these are the same exact people who will have access to the vaccinewhether it works or notlong before the general public.)   

Isn’t it time we put our differences aside and focused on the facts? Well, if they won’tI will—right here in my Reality Health Check e-letter, and in my monthly Logical Health Alternatives newsletter. 

And I’ll start with a few more from John Hopkins Universitythe most reliable resource for true statistics, since our government has decided to ignore them…  

As of this writing: 

  • Nearly 375,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. 
  • More than 3,000 Americans are dying from this virus every single day. 

Plus, researchers predict that even with the vaccine rollout underway, total deaths could surpass 500,000 by April 

Stay home, keep your distance, and wear a mask 

I know how many people are waiting for their chance to get the new COVID-19 vaccinesome patiently, others not so much. But let me remind you that it wont end this pandemic like a magic bullet.   

By April, experts project that vaccination could save 9,000 lives at the current pace.  If the rollout is faster, it could save another 11,000 lives. Thats good news—but it still leaves hundreds of millions of people vulnerable to this disease.   

So, once again, I say this: We simply cannot afford to put all of our eggs in that basket. Especially since, in the meantime, hospitals in nearly every state are still going to see overwhelming surges in critically ill COVID-19 patients. 

People like to praise essential workers on the front lines as the heroes of this pandemic. But as one Wisconsin respiratory therapist recently said: “… if you really want to respect people in healthcare or anyone that has to work right now, stay home. Wear a mask.” 

We are seeing new record peaks with every passing week. Every single day, thousands more people are becoming infected with COVID-19. And within a few days to a few weeks, hundreds of those will be admitted to the hospital—many of whom won’t leave alive.  

And that, dear reader, is the devastatingly tragic truth.  


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