The END of “cookbook” cancer treatments?

As a reader of mine, you know how much I love blood tests.

In fact, many of my first-time patients can’t believe all the tests I run—most of which they had never heard of before.

But there’s truly no better way to reveal what’s going on inside your body. Things that we may never have known about otherwise.

And now—at long last—there may be a test that puts an ENDto “cookbook” medicine for cancer patients!

Let me explain…

A liquid biopsy

There’s a new blood test that examines circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). And they actually have a good name for it: liquid biopsy (because it comes from the blood).

This could translate to more personalized cancer treatment plans and less “cookbook” medicine (which I despise).

For the new study, researchers looked at patients with aggressive, treatment-resistant prostate cancer. They used deep, whole-genome sequencing to develop a comprehensive assessment of each circulating cancer cell.

They found that most people with metastatic cancer have the same, broad cancer type that has spread around the body. (In this case, prostate cancer cells.)

In addition, they tried to determine how a patient’s cancer evolves in response to treatment.

It seems that current therapies actively change the composition of cancer cells in the body. This ultimately allows cells to develop a resistance to such therapies.

If we can better understand why cancer cells become resistant to treatment… well, we may finally be able to design therapies that kill the cancer (and not the patient)—making a huge leap toward winning the war on cancer.

New, exciting possibilities

Now, this concept is not new. This same type of technology is already being used by some for psychiatric drugs and autoimmune testing.

But the possibilities ARE.

In fact, this could help treating physicians create a therapy that is targeted for you and your genome. NOT the hit-and-miss, one-size-treats-all, “cookbook” medicine plans.

Better yet, this technology is minimally invasive and inexpensive. And it’s being used in large clinical trials.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on any emerging details.

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Until next time,
Dr. Fred

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