The healthiest comfort food there is

Cheese may very well be the healthiest “comfort food” there is. And not just because its fat content will keep you satisfied longer than most other snacks. According to some new research, cheese can actually help you avoid today’s deadliest epidemic–diabetes.

Researchers analyzed data on nearly 350,000 people from eight different countries. Specifically, they honed in on 12,403 people with diabetes and a random group of 16,835 without diabetes. They examined the diets of all those people.

And they found that people who ate more cheese tended to have less risk of diabetes.

So this just gives me one more reason to love cheese. It’s a central part of my New Hamptons Health Miracle and one of my own go-to snacks.

And there are SO many varieties to enjoy. From goat’s cheese to brie to mozzarella to old-fashioned sharp cheddar it’s impossible to get bored. Just do yourself–and your waistline–a favor and skip the crackers

“The amount and type of dairy product intake and incident type 2 diabetes: results from the EPIC-InterAct Study,” The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2012; 96(2): 382-390