The key to higher T

Listen up, guys. There’s new incentive to shed a few pounds. It might just give your testosterone levels a good swift kick in the right direction.

This news comes from a study presented recently at the annual Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in Houston.

A group of Irish researchers analyzed information from 891 men in their 50s with pre-diabetes.

Researchers divided the men into three treatment groups. One group got the drug metformin. The second group focused on lifestyle modification (exercise and diet). And the third group got a placebo.

A year later, the men taking metformin and those taking the placebo had no change in testosterone levels. But the lifestyle group had a 15 percent increase. They also lost more weight. About 17 pounds compared to 6 pounds for the metformin group. (And none in the placebo group.)

Losing 17 pounds in a year is no small achievement. And a 15 percent increase in testosterone is downright amazing.

All from doing what you should be doing anyway. Eating right by following my New Hamptons Health Miracle and getting some regular exercise.