The most compelling reason yet to lose that belly fat

If you’re carrying extra weight around your middle, I’m afraid I have more bad news for you.

We already know that abdominal fat is a risk factor for a number of diseases. Extra belly fat is linked to higher risks for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more. Even in people who are normal weight overall.

But now a new study just published in the Annals of Internal Medicine has found that normal weight people with central obesity (i.e. excess belly fat) have the highest risk of death from any cause. That’s even compared to people who are overweight or obese, but have a more even distribution of fat.

This large-scale analysis — which included more than 42,000 participants — is a major wake-up call for anyone who struggles with belly fat.

Unfortunately, as I’ve said before, losing weight around the middle is notoriously hard, even for people who seem to be doing all the right things. But some research I reported on back in April points to a possible way of getting belly fat in check. And it all comes down to something I advise anyway…controlling inflammation.

If you’re struggling with belly fat, even if you’re at a healthy weight overall, it’s time to take action. Focus on whole foods, exercise regularly, and do everything you can to quell the inflammation in your body. That means eating an anti-inflammatory diet, maintaining healthy gut bacteria, and getting just the right kinds of amino acids for your body.

I cover all this in the A-List Diet, which will not only help you lose weight but will help you minimize systemic inflammation as well. If you haven’t read it already, pick up a copy today by clicking here and get a handle on that stubborn belly fat once and for all.