The top supplements everyone should be taking in 2016

My number one goal is to give you as many options as possible to boost your health and wellness. That’s why I talk about nutritional supplements so often. But with so many great products out there, you may be wondering, “Where do I begin?” In fact, I get this question on a daily basis — both from my patients and from my readers.

That’s why I created my Desert Island supplement list. “Desert Island” supplements are just what they sound like: The ones I would want with me if I were ever stranded in the middle of the ocean.

These are the supplements I believe everyone should be taking — regardless of age, sex, or health status. The ones I feel are absolutely critical to good health (along with a nutritious diet and regular exercise, of course).

So now that January is here, it’s time to revisit my Desert Island list. It’s “new year, new you” time! And what better way to start 2016 off right than by stocking your medicine cabinet with the best supplements out there?

Of course, there are some staples I can’t live without. Like Pycnogenol®, vitamin D, and fish oil — to name a few. (There are actually 8 more on the full list — so be sure to read about them in this month’s issue of Logical Health Alternatives!)

But in addition to the “old standbys,” there are also some exciting new entries on this year’s Desert Island Supplement list. Like Robuvit®, a patented, all-natural extract from a specific type of French oak tree.

I first wrote about Robuvit in the November 2015 issue of my Logical Health Alternatives newsletter. Even though it’s only been around a couple of years, more than a dozen studies have been published on this amazing product.

Research shows Robuvit promotes energy levels with a boost of cellular-support; helps you maintain a positive mood, outlook, and perspective; promotes healthy circulation; supports the liver; promotes healthy enzyme function within the body; helps you maintain a healthy weight with strong energy and detoxifying support; and even promotes optimal memory.

With a list of benefits like that, it’s easy to see why Robuvit has rapidly become one of my favorite supplements. You can find Robuvit on my website.

But that’s not the only exciting new supplement I’ve added for 2016. There’s also ME-3, a unique probiotic that can boost your body’s production of the essential antioxidant glutathione. (Which is something no other oral supplement has ever been able to do.)

I’ve also included OralVisc® on this year’s list. It’s one of the feature ingredients in my brand new MetaJoint Advanced formula, and it really is the first true breakthrough in joint health to come along in years. In fact, it targets the hidden cause of joint problems in 4 out of 5 people I revealed last month.

In addition, this year, I’ve actually revised my long-standing recommendation to take a daily multivitamin. Don’t worry — I haven’t gotten rid of it. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I still think taking a multivitamin every day is one of the best things you can do to give your body a healthy foundation. But after doing some research, I realized that even the BEST multivitamins on the market haven’t actually changed all that much in the past 80 years.

But humans’ nutritional requirements certainly have.

So I spent a great deal of last year researching and formulating a new type of multivitamin for the 21st century. The result is my new MetaMulti Advanced. And it deserves special billing on this year’s Desert Island list. Because not only does it contain optimal doses of the essential nutrients your body needs. But I also designed it specifically to support two modern-day “musts”: healthy blood sugar and blood lipid levels.

You can read more about each of these new additions (including dosages)—as well as the other 8 essentials I think everyone should be taking in this month’s issue of my Logical Health Alternatives newsletter. Subscribers can download and view it for free by logging on to my website with your username and password.

And if you’re not already a subscriber, now is the perfect time to get started.