Titanium magnet bracelets for stiffness

Q. I enjoy and respect your daily information. What is your opinion on titanium magnet bracelets for adding range of motion and overall increase in comfort from stiffness? Personally, I wear one and receive benefits. But is there any medical support to this?

Dr. Fred:

Claims of “magnetic” healing actually trace back more than 4000 years. But the use of magnetic therapy for pain and other symptoms remains controversial today. This is most likely due to the fact that scientists can’t agree on the mechanism of action-or how exactly they work. But the fact remains, many like you experience some benefits from the use of magnets.

I am glad it works for you, whether the science supports it or not. I believe in many things that science has yet to be able to figure out why it works, but it does. And since magnets are relatively harmless, go ahead and try it. And if it works, I’m always glad to hear it.