Ways To Burn Fat & Stay Thin

Tip 1
Run sprints during your cardio- One minute sprints as fast as you can go, rest for 2… repeat this 5 times.

Tip 2
Wait 30 minutes before refilling your plate (during the Holiday meals)

Tip 3
Replace your bagel and juice in the mornings with eggs and green tea.

Tip 4
Train fasted once per week- this is something that I do that my trainer hates but it does keep my blood sugar low.

Tip 5
Try poaching fish, chicken, or eggs and using them as snacks throughout the day

Tip 6
Drink more water!! I can’t stress this enough but often when we are thirsty, our bodies tell us we are hungry.

Tip 7
Get a mint dropper and place under your tongue at the end of a meal- mint tells our brain it is time to stop eating. Being full is another clue.

Tip 8
Get a dog- if your single it’s a great way of meeting people; but taking the dog for a walk for 20 minutes each day can help you drop 14 pounds in a year.

Tip 9
Eat less sugar- shoot for none

Tip 10
Drink less alcohol, especially beer and wine.

Tip 11
Eat more avocados- these are heart healthy fats that keep your metabolism pumped.

Tip 12
Use the elliptical machine with handles so you recruit your muscles in your arms and burn more calories.

Tip 13
Download a fitness app or at least one that counts calories and grams of sugar and carbs.

Tip 14
Write down everything you eat for a month and by cutting out 250 calories per day you can shed up to two pounds per month

Tip 15
Buy a pedometer and get in at least 10,000 steps per day

Tip 16
No more take-out–cook your own and you’ll always know what your getting

Tip 17
Clean out your kitchen- remove anything that doesn’t help you attain your weight loss or fitness goals.

Tip 18
Swap an extra veggie for that potato or rice when dining out

Tip 19
Chew slowly- you will eat less that way

Tip 20
Train with a buddy- not only will they push you but you’ll likely go more often and have fun doing it.

Tip 21
When eating out- sauces on the side!