Why does circulogic not contain trans resveratrol

Q. Please help me understand why circulogic product does not contain trans resveratrol, the third piece of the triple threat solution (pycnogenol, diosmin, trans resveratrol). If purchased trans resveratrol separately and took 500 mg as suggested along with circulogic would that do it?

Dr. Fred:

When designing formulations for my NuLogic Nutritionals product line, I try to focus on products that will help the majority of customers for a range of benefits. I include ingredients that will provide the most bang for your buck. And sometimes, there are certain ingredients that are just too large to fit into once capsule with everything else—or that make a product just too costly as a whole. And of course, as is the case with editorial coverage…the science, research, availability and technology associated with product development is always changing. Which means products may change over time, or new products may be introduced that may be complimentary to others. Or that may work in different ways for different people.

CircuLogic is designed to provide a basic level of nutritional support to help maintain healthy circulation. It contains many of the nutrients I’ve recommended to my patients for years. It’s a great place to start. Everyone is different of course, which is why I offer a full, anytime guarantee.

And of course if you have any existing health conditions or concerns, you should always work closely with a doctor.