You recommend treenuts and MacNut oil, but I’m allergic?

Q. I am fatally allergic to treenuts and you say to use macadamia nut oil and eat all treenuts for my problem. So, what do you say now!? –From Sally V in California

Dr. Fred:

While my New Hamptons Health Miracle does rely heavily on the use of macadamia nut oil and incorporating more tree nuts into your diet …there are alternatives. The reason I recommend tree nuts is because they are a great added source of monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids. Macadamia nuts are richer in monounsaturated fatty acids and the oil is more versatile for cooking. However, if macadamia nuts or the oil (or other tree nuts) aren’t for you, you can also use an estate-bottled, extra-virgin, single varietal olive oil. These oils are quite expensive, but they have the highest smoke points, the lowest free-fatty acid levels, the lowest acidity levels, and are higher in monounsaturated fat than other oils. The ordinary olive oils that most of us buy are poor quality blended oils that have very few health benefits. The next best oil would be avocado oil.

As for my recommendation of eating more tree nuts themselves, you can make up for this by focusing on including more fish in your diet. Smaller fish like sardines will be safer in terms of mercury levels. Or, you can always supplement with a purified omega-3 fish oil (so as not to worry about high mercury levels or questionably fish-farming practices). And of course, you can always focus on other lean sources of protein.

As with any type of allergy or other health condition, you should always use caution. And work closely with your doctor.