Your cardiologist doesn’t want you to read this

If you’re taking statin medications, you need to read this. Your cardiologist won’t like it, but it may save your life.

A new analysis of a 15-year-old study just confirmed what I’ve been saying for years: If you don’t already have cardiovascular disease, statins will not help you live longer.

So why are mainstream docs still handing them out like candy? I truly believe that most cardiologists would love to see statins in the drinking water.

But the truth is, you just don’t need them, and their risks are not worth their potential “benefits.”

This new analysis just proves my point. But what’s mind-boggling is the fact that researchers said the same thing 15 years ago when the study was first published. But since so many people continue to be subjected to statins even when they clearly won’t benefit from them, the researchers decided to look at the data with fresh eyes.

This time, they separated out a group of participants for further analysis. This group included people over 65 who had high cholesterol or high blood pressure but did not have cardiovascular disease.

And what they found should be printed out and hung in every cardiologist’s office in the country:

“No benefit was found when pravastatin was given for primary prevention to older adults with moderate hyperlipidemia and hypertension, and a nonsignificant direction toward increased all-cause mortality with pravastatin was observed among adults 75 years and older.”

That’s right. Not only did statins not decrease mortality in those taking it, it was actually associated with an increase in mortality in those over 75. It’s important to note that the increased risk didn’t reach levels of statistical significance. But still, considering what we already know about the risks of statins, it should raise concerns.

Instead, the conventional medical community is tripping over itself to issue calls for caution in interpreting the study. They simply can’t (or won’t) believe what the data tells them.

They’ve been brainwashed into thinking statin medications are the greatest gift to mankind. So even when science tells them otherwise, they just keep burying their heads in the sand.

And here’s the point they keep coming back to, even when trial after trial shows that statins don’t prolong lives. They keep pointing out that the drugs reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.

But who cares? Honestly, if something doesn’t prolong your life or improve your quality of life, what’s the point of taking it? Especially in this case, when that “something” (i.e. statins) comes with a laundry list of troubling side effects. Think myopathy, muscle weakness, cognitive dysfunction, disability…all things older adults are seeking to prevent.

I’ll give you the same tip I give my patients who are diagnosed with cancer. Ask yourself: Will this treatment prolong my life? Will it improve my quality of life? If not, then why take it?

Let me be clear. There is no evidence that there’s any benefit to taking a statin if you do not have any history of cardiovascular disease. (And no, high cholesterol and high blood pressure do not count as cardiovascular disease.)

Even if you DO have cardiovascular disease, chances are you can manage — and even reverse — your condition without dangerous medications. In fact, I’ve written an entire report, called The World’s Easiest Heart Disease Cure, about all of the safe, natural, science-backed alternatives to statins, blood pressure drugs, and all the other “magic bullets” Big Pharma and mainstream medicine continue to put blind faith in.

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