Is New Hamptons Health Miracle safe for the kidneys?

Your questions answered

I love getting questions from my faithful readers. And even though I can’t personally answer all of them, from time to time I like to try and answer some of the more frequent ones.

And one question that seems to keep popping up is whether my New Hamptons Health Miracle is safe for the kidneys. While it is a lower carbohydrate approach, it’s not a “no carbohydrate” approach. Which makes it safe for the kidneys in the vast majority of people. In fact, most pharmaceutical medications are far more dangerous to your kidneys than my diet program.

Of course, if you are on dialysis or have renal insufficiency, you must discuss it with your doctor. (And I do hope that you understand that the information I write is never intended for you to use without the advice of your own personal physician. After all, they know your medical history and have your best interests at heart.)

I also get a lot of questions about Crohn’s disease. The best, most effective approach I’ve found for handling Chron’s involves three steps.

  1. Take a good probiotic supplement (like Dr. Ohirra’s).
  2. Eliminate sugar and reduce carbs in your diet.
  3. Eliminate any other foods you’re sensitive to.

I’ve also received a couple of questions about my recommendations for gout. I generally have my gout patients follow my New Hamptons Health Miracle but with an emphasis on more alkaline foods. (For a great list of alkaline foods, check out

And last, but certainly not least, I received a great question recently from a reader asking about nuts. She’d heard that once nuts have been roasted, they lose their nutritional value. It’s true that nuts are healthiest when they’re raw. But the simple fact is, most people don’t like them that way. And as far as I’m concerned, a roasted nut is still healthier than an M&M.

Thought-provoking questions like these definitely keep me on my toes. It’s one of the reasons I love practicing natural medicine so much. So please–keep the questions coming!