A “forgotten” health ally (it’s powerful!)

It’s always nice to see some positive reporting when it comes to the use of nutritional supplements.

And I must admit, I used to recommend the supplement we’re going to discuss today with much more frequency that I do now…

So, I’m quite glad for this reminder of a powerful tool that has fallen to the back of my mind.

A tool that helps tackle complicated issues like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and metabolic syndrome, to name a few.

Combat hormone dysregulation (and more)

I’m talking about inositol.

It’s a safe supplement for those of you who may not want to opt for drug treatments—such as antibiotics, spironolactone, oral contraceptives, or vitamin A retinoids—to combat things that often stem from hormone dysregulation, like acne.

In fact, it has been well-studied in the gynecology-endocrinology fields. (I’ve used it routinely with uterine fibroids, too.)

And that’s where this new research lands…

Researchers recruited nearly 140 young, overweight women with PCOS and moderate acne. They were separated into groups who received six months of an inositol supplement (myo-inositol or D-chiro-inositol) or a placebo, at 2,000 mg twice daily.

Turns out, the inositol group experienced improved acne, insulin resistance, and menstruation (it became more regular), as well as better endocrine and metabolic parameters.

All that from a naturally derived supplement!

Vast protection

Now, while the research backing inositol’s role for endocrine and metabolic role is vast, let’s make this conversation a bit broader…

Because I’m convinced IP-6 is something we should all be taking!

See, this nutrient is actually a precursor to a compound called inositol hexaphosphate (IP-6). Almost all animal cells carry this compound, and it plays a role in regulating cellular function, among other duties.

You can get IP-6 from a lot of food sources—nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, cantaloupe, citrus fruits, and fiber-rich vegetables. But there are a lot of factors that can impact your IP-6 levels: like age, antibiotic use, and even the amount of coffee you drink.

Fortunately, IP-6 is extremely well-absorbed as a supplement.

And after reviewing the literature, that’s fantastic news—as IP-6 might even block the growth and spread of multiple types of cancer, to boot!

In fact, I explain how inositol is a “jack-of-all-trades” in the May 2019 issue of my monthly newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives (“The life-saving nutrient no one is talking about”).

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