A New Year, A New Beginning

Each new year seems to bring a sense of renewal or at least a sense of optimism that the new year is an opportunity to establish new habits, make new friends and somehow change our lives. I mean if Jersey Shore can bring in Deena to mix up the pot in season 3, then so can we.

It’s a very exciting time for me because it is mid- season replacement television time and award shows. I think I will save award shows for another blog but the Visitors are back- the V’s to those of us in the know; an alien in the form of human- not a shocking concept when you look at the behavior of many people on the subway. The final season of Big Love is about to begin- why anyone would want more than one spouse is beyond my comprehension? Skins on MTV should be brilliant if it doesn’t lose any of it’s edginess from the British original. My guilty pleasure Spartacus returns for a six episode arc; and how can I forget to mention the sure-to-be best comeback attempt of them all: Episodes- a show in which Joey from Friends comes back to play…himself.

A patient the other day asked me why I relate everything to television as did one of my dinner companions last night now that I think about it. The reason is simple but two fold. The first is that I think TV is the glue that keeps America one country- it is relatable and even if we don’t watch a particular show we almost always have some familiarity with a character or the actor from it. Secondly, I have always wanted to be on TV.

Yes, medicine was my second choice for a career; but with the help of Dr. Atkins who was a stand-up comic for those of you who didn’t know that, he taught me that you could combine the best of the two. He gave me my first radio show, taught me how to perform in front of the microphone and now I am about to take it one step further- the small screen. After all, I have a face made for television, not radio.

I always get what I want even if it means waiting 20 years for it and I am on the brink of having a career in television. No one needs to panic- I am not about to give up my day job- it’s a good one and one I enjoy very much. However, so much has gone on in the past two weeks, that it is time to share that with all of you.

volcanoFor Christmas vacation this year, I went to Montserrat- a tiny island in the Caribbean. That place means a lot to me for reasons too lengthy to discuss at this time but suffice it to say that it began my 2011 period of renewal. That island has suffered greatly during the past two decades- first, 99% of all homes were destroyed during Hurricane Hugo and then when everyone had rebuilt and life looked good again, the 400 year old dormant volcano decided to erupt and take 2/3 of the island with it, including the main town, Plymouth.

Yet, the people moved to the northern part of the island, live their lives, and are still some of the happiest people I have ever met. We go to a restaurant, have a basket of bread placed in front of us and can’t pass it up- they had a cataclysmic earth changing event and didn’t waver from who they were. Ponder that the next time you “need” chocolate at 9pm before bedtime.

Enough about them- this blog is about me. I have developed tv shows starring me of course, for the past decade- but as per usual, I was a decade ahead of my time. A few months ago I was fortunate enough to come across people who shared my vision. Two of my shows are soon to be optioned by a production company and another show is being heavily sought after by a very large and well known entertainment company. In fact, it is likely that I may have the same manager as Charlie Sheen.

In the same week, Rachel Ray requested a meeting with me to discuss dieting ideas and new directions for her show. Perhaps, with Oprah retiring, Rachel will become the queen of daytime television and I will be right their alongside her. It’s exciting for me to finally have the entertainment industry talking about me as much as I talk about them. I will keep you posted as to further developments as they arise. So, with three television shows on the air, a radio show, a thriving medical practice, a growing social media presence, weekly mentions in magazines, a few new books in the works- it seems my plan for world domination of integrative medicine is finally happening.

plymouthI must give a shout-out to comic, Whitney Cummings who during MTV’s New Year’s Eve bash said my favorite line from the end of last year: Pauly D will DJ the night. It’s the only job he can spell.”

So, use this time of the year wisely, spend some time truly contemplating what changes you can make in your life; don’t bite off more than you can chew (pun intended) and remember, changing habits, patterns that you have formed in your life is going to take time and often more than one attempt ( it’s taken me almost ten years to be taken seriously by the television world so persevere)- don’t be afraid, be very afraid. In dieting, no one can hear you scream.

Until next time…